Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tag Time: Girlfriend

A very old photo of us, so young!

She's sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen? Toddler and Tiaras, or 7th heaven. 

You're out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad
? Thai dressing. 

Whats one food she doesn't like
? Apple Pie. 

You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order
? Something shit... midori and pineapple, with a Thai beef salad. 

What size shoe does she wear
? Six. 

If she was collecting anything what would it be
? Make up, or key rings. 

What is her favorite type of sandwich
? One without bread. 

What would this person eat everyday if she could
? Salami. 

What is her favorite cereal
? Milo.

Whats her favourite music
? Top 40.

Whats her favorite sports team
? (laughs) none. 

Whats her eye color
? Blue. 

Who's her best friend
? Me of course!

What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't
? fart?

Whats her heritage/where she's from
? St Helena. 

You bake her a cake for her birthday what kind of cake
? I dunno.... savory cake?

Did she play any sports
? No. 

What could she spend hours doing
? Watching Youtube. 

What is one unique talent she has
? Making me do whatever she wants..and scrap booking. 

Next Sunday I will have my answers about Andrew :)

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