Friday, 4 April 2014

March Favourites

Oooh yeah look at that frame aren't I so creative. No Amanda, just no. I hope we can move past my weird use of frame, and appreciate that I am actually using this camera as much as I promised myself (and my wallet) that I would. Bring on the monthly favourites!

Mario Party for 3DS: I am not sure I really love this game, it in no way compares to the old versions, but it has been getting a lot a of play so I thought I would include it. It has fun mini games, and the download play is still an option, but the traditional 'get the most stars' is lost. One of the game requires stars, one requires mini stars, and the rest a just a hodge-podge of carpet riding, number crunching activities. I think as wind down activity it works, although Andrew may say I get a tad too competitive...

Compeed Cold Sore Patches: unfortunately for me this month included some very chapped lips and a hint of a cold sore. That being said thanks to these patches the tiny spekc of a cold sore never had a chance to fully emerge, only to make my lips peel and shed in the most unattractive reptilian way possible. Cheers cold sore gene.  

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes: I can't believe it but this is still my favourite palette. If it had a matte brown eye brow shade, and a dupe for Stila's kitten, I woudln't even touch my other palettes. Ever. I don't know what it is about this shades in this, but they are just so easy to work with. The size of palette helps too, it isn't bulky to get out every morning. I will most defiantly be grabbing some more when I am away. Plus they just launched the Naked Eyes version, whoop whoop!

Paper Mate Coloured Pens: why colored pens? Because they are freaking awesome that's why. I have been using these like crazy - on notepads, in cards, at school, and I don't think that trend will end any time soon. 

Notepads: speaking of them, notepads are also on my favorites list this month. I have been a list-writing machine in fact. This one is to do with travel (I promise I will stop bringing it up!), but I have them scattered around the house, in my bag, on the street probably, with just about anything written on them. 

Mecca In a Good Light SPF 30: Mecca has actually just re-branded, and I really wish I had the new packaging as it is juts so pretty. However, looks aside, this works well on those 'cant be bothered' make up days.  

iPad mini: this guy has been getting a major work out this month. I don't have a laptop (only my desktop at home) so this has been travelling back and forth to uni with me. I also pop all my necessitates for dancing on here: songs, videos, notes etc. I think I will invest in a laptop soon, but only is my pockets can stretch that far.  

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