Thursday, 3 April 2014

Products I've Used Up: March

So I actually managed to get through a few things this month, even though I have attempted to spend zero money, and managed to forgo repurchasing any of them. 

Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment: I think this must be at least my 3rd or 4th pot. I love it, then I hate it, and this month I cant decide. It does make my hair feel really really really soft. It does make my hair smell. It does rinse our really well. However it doesnt do much else. I don't notice an impovement in friziness, or any added shine. Basically I think a good quailty conditioner could do a similar job. If i use it with a shine bossting and firzz fight oil it goes it works wonders. I think it will suffice until I can afford to test out something of higher quality (read: until I buy every possible hair treatment in America). 

Lux Glowing Touch Shower Cream: This was a freebie from my mum I believe, before I headed to japan. Not my favourite of body gels, and it certainly isn't a cream like the name suggest. It lathers really well, and has tiny glitters in it that are meant to make your skin luminous. I cant say it did that, and the smell wasn't anything to write home about. All in all an okay shower gel, served its purpose, but unless mum is shouting me I doubt it will end up in my shower again. 

Nivea Pure Invisible Anti-perspirant: A pretty good deodorant, although it can leave white stains on clothes, which urks me a lot. I wouldn't use this for a sports, but on d day to day basis is goes alright, 

Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator: I can't believe I have finally used this up. I think I did my first review on this some time around September (maybe?) of last year. I really does last well. I loved the texture of this, although it can be stubborn to come off the skin. Overall a great exfoliator, that I would repurchase. 

Essence Extreme Volume Mascara: I really liked this one. The formula was great, although it did take a little while to dry. However as long as you do your top, wait a while, then do your bottom lashes you will be all good for the day. The actual brush head is MASSIVE, it took a while to master using it on my bottom lashes. That being said is you like massive dark lashes, this one is for you, and it is the cheapest mascara I have ever tried, so it gets extra points for that too. 

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express: This is my second tube I believe, although I still am not sold. The formula is great, is gives natural definition and volume, but that bendy brush just freaks me out. I might try some other versions of the volun' express range to see how they compare. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush: I think I should stop posting about these because I just use so many. They are good though, and for the price, you cant really go wrong. I am not too sure about these scented ones, I think the sent it only when you are spraying it around your bathroom, and don't stick to your hair at all. 

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