Friday, 28 February 2014

Hair Update

I did something about that limp hair of mine! I cant exactly say I like it, but it is lighter that's for sure. What do you guys think? 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Random Haul

There are a few things coming up on this blog so stay tuned lovely people! I even have a theme decided for next month, its not all shopping I promise ;)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Novelty Breakfast

I wont include a recipe, but this is a bit of a photo step by step.

If you want an exact recipe let me know!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hair Confusion

So I am having a bit of a hair-depression recently. All my balayge has grown out (expect about 5cm from the end) and the mousey brown colour I naturally have is back to limp and lifeless self. I am thinking about doing a home colour, but that really scares me. I saw an at home dye kit advertised the other day so I may give that a go, but I really do not want to end up with orange hair. On the other hand I could go to a salon and get it done, but my last to trips to the hairdresser cost me 170 and 200, which I do not have spare at all! 

Does anyone have any 'at-home' dye tips? I used to dye my hair dark in high school, but going lighter at home just seems a bit scarier. 

Help me out if you know anything xx

tumblr_mle30o6Mri1rifyigo1_500.jpg (500×749)

Brunette to Blonde Ombre Hair


All images from Pinterest

Monday, 24 February 2014

New purchases!

Sorry for the horrible photo! I managed to steal these at 6.95 each! expect a review shortly :)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Tag Time: Music and Feels

Hello lovely blog people!

Here is a short little Sunday post for you to read. I changed around a tag I had seen around to suit me, I you can do it too if you like :)

1. A song from your first big love: Wolf like me by TV on the Radio. 

2. A song that makes you cry: Every song. 

3. A song that have to listen to again and again or has plagued you: Back to the Wild by Basement Jaxx, which played every 10 or so songs at work for a while as a part of their ad campaign. 

4. A song that represents your teenage years?: Hands down by Dashboard Confessional or We will never break up by Alkaline Trio. 

5. A song that represents your personality: Ugly Girl by Fiona Apple.  

6. A song you listen to in the morning:
 The Submarine (entire album) by Whitley. 

7. A song you listen to at night: Lets make out by Does it Offend You Yeah (for going out) and Daniel by Lior (for going to sleep).

8. A song everyone loves but you hate: Anything by P!NK. 

9. The last song you heard: Seein' Red by Unwritten Law.

10. Your current favourite song: Mechanical Heart by Jon D.

That is all for now guys, talk soon xx

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Like her Father

This is a short story I wrote back in year 12, in the style of A.S Byatt. Enjoy! 

Henrietta Smith sat in the icy grey room with four others, two men and a woman with her rather sickly child. The two men were starkly different; one sat upright in his chair, his neatly ironed suit molded perfectly to a thin nervous body. The other man wore thick dusty overalls, bulky steel cap boots and sunk low into his chair, his large rough hands holding a coupĂ© magazine, faded with visibly tattered cornersThe woman wore a loose cardigan with furrowed slacks, her hair hung lank around her face. She was barefaced and patterned with spider web like lines, depicting her obvious lack of sleep. Henrietta however sat neatly in her chair with folded hands and legs precisely situated to one side of her chair. Her hair was pulled back into a slick almost masculine bun, enhancing a noticeably weathered face covered in a thick and unpleasant layer of make up; red circular cheeks, vivid turquoise eyelids and thin brown lips. Her outfit was all dark, the black and grey ensemble projecting an air of mourning.

“Miss Henrietta Smith,” the call of her name was produced from an exceedingly sprightly voice. Her steps toward the office were slow, almost hesitant, but her ageingface showed no fear; it never did.
The specialist’s office was white and streamlined, somewhere between modernist and clinical. He, Henrietta’s personal reaper, waiting to tell her that death has arrived, sat patiently on a luxurious leather chair. He was young and smug, qualities Henrietta neither shared nor approved of.
“How have the past few days been Henrietta? I hope you have been relaxing as I instructed you too.”
Yes indeed he had instructed herIn fact she had been prompted to write a short story about it. Just like so many of her tales the young intelligent girl was instructed ‘otherwise’ or informed ‘those dealings are not that of a gentlewoman’ or ‘no truelady would par take in such vile actions.’
She despised her specialists’ authority. Writing her stories was all that was keeping her sane throughout the entire process. Test after test, consultation after consultation; even if she were to get well again the last 8 years of her life could never be returned to her. Writing had been all she had been able to do, even when the joints in her hands creaked with pain she still clattered out the words through her ancient type writer. She had never left a story unfinished, and never would. These tales were her children; she could not leave them ill formed or incomplete, even if she was certain no one but her would ever read them.
“Yes I rested,” she replied bluntly, strengthening the bitter old woman stereotype she assumed he had created for her. As he shuffled through masses of paperwork her thoughts returned to the story in her mind. She had to fight the urge to thrust her hand into his shirt pocket and remove the pen that was calling out to her, pleading her to continue bringing this new tale into the world. The girl in this story was named Sophie; she was sixteen and excelled in mathematics and physics. Even though Henrietta had personally hated these subjects when she was boarding at school, when she wrote, through Sophie’s eyes, she felt she herself could have discussed the theory of relativity with any man that felt the need to discuss it. Sophie had many similar sisters, girls whom had been trapped in arranged marriages behind white picket fences, forced to clean and cook, do mundane tasks while the men whom surrounded them travelled and were free.
“…the last surgery was not a success…” her specialist had been talking all this time. Henrietta was certain he was married, not only by the evidence on his finger, but by the neatly packed lunches always sitting on his desk, and the photo hanging at directly eye level on the opposite wall of a young blonde woman. Henrietta had never met this wife, or even spotted her in the clinic, which led her to believe she was not permitted here. It made Henrietta sick to think that this women could be trapped, experiencing constant stasis in her own home, in her marriage. This wife could be intelligent, artistic, but was wasting away, getting washed into the ocean of women who fitted the typecast that men like Henrietta’s doctor had fashioned. In Henrietta’s eyes all men shared this evil quality. Like her father.
Perhaps she needed a different type of specialist, some one older, kinder, and a woman. Instead she continued to write them down, as the evil villain, the destructive curse in every girl’s, like Sophie’s, life.
Henrietta faded back into the present, “I hate to inform you, but your last test displayed some complications. We believed your intended surgery will no longer be possible.”
He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, look her in her eyes. He was still looking through draws. Henrietta had noticed the slightly increased level of volume in his voice, not filled with guilt or sympathy, but just to show he found it obligatory to talk to an elderly person in a raised tone; even though he knew her hearing was perfectly fine. She was ignoring what he had actually said, departing in and out of her subconscious.
“We have run out of treatment options I am afraid,” the words her doctor spoke shattered the plots forming in her mind.

The appointment ended with Henrietta signing necessary documents begrudgingly and being hastily pushed out of the building. Perhaps they were ushering her rapidly as a new patient could substitute her following appointments, or just to make her rush, scamper to her death, instead of letting it come to her.

Henrietta was alone in her miniature dusty flat, smelling of damp timber and gradually decaying food. She had just finished squaring off the large pile of unfinished stories, a tower of at least half a meter, in the center of her coffee table. She stared directly at them, then turned her back and sat in her favorite chair. She sat and waited for her fear, death, to engulf her, all the while supposing what a great story this would have been to write.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Breakfast Smoothie

When you are on the go this is a great smoothie to have. Just mix a tub of yogurt, 250ml of milk and a tablespoon of flavoring (any spread is fine), then shake it all up!

What do you have for breakfast on a busy morning?

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Recent Haul

These are all the things I have gotten recently. What have you guys been purchasing? 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Birthday Haul

These are a few of the amazing gifts I received this year. Not picture is my amazing new bike, some alcohol, a photo album, a book and vouchers. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Japan: Tokyo

A good way to pass time in the liner - photo editing. 

Disneyland & Disney Sea: A truly unique experience, as every Disneyland is different, but more so because of the Japanese people. They love kawaii, so even the fathers and boyfriends get decked out in full Disney gear. No other theme parks in the worlds would have the same feeling, looking around and seeing so many people smiling and covered in Disney get up. 

Lockdown Restaurant: Wow. I dont want to spoil this, but you get your moneys worth and that is all that matters. The drinks are cheap, the food is good, and if you are anything like me you will scream at least once throughout the whole ordeal. Enjoy it. 

Robot Restaurant: This has gotten a lot of hype in Australia recently, and I can see why. Bogan heaven. A sparkle and gold decked out waiting room, then a show with beer and pole dancers riding around on robots. It is hard to explain how great this show is, the food is a let down (a lunch style bento box), but the show is so truly Japanese it makes another must see in my books.  

Friday, 14 February 2014

Japan: Nagoya

My Christmas selfie

As it was Christmas, a time where you really do miss your friends and family while away from them, we didn't really do too much. I think Nagoya was a lovely humble place to stay, but realistically we should have stayed a lot closer to the snow. In saying that the hostel we were in was really homely and made being away for the holidays a lot easier. We rarely left our common room other than for food so I guess this will be a shorter post than usual, enjoy though!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Japan: Hiroshima

The hostel we stayed in - with bunk beds!

I am not going to do an entire recap of our short time in Japan, as you can expect it is very emotionally heavy. I think You could spend a week or so here, as with only two nights were only saw a glimpse into what Hiroshima currently has to offer. Once you hit the memorial center is is really just a case of walking from museum to museum and taking in as much as you can. There are some really frightening images, but the thing that stuck with me is the positive light Japan has put on its past. There is no blame, no regret, just hopes that the future will be a better place. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Japan: Naoshima


A sneaky shot in one of the Art House Projects

Bike Riding: One major tip I can give is to rent a bike, there is no better way to get around. I would get one as soon as you hope of the boat, because we got ours from the Honmura area and they were gear-less and a bit tragic, however the ones from Takamatsu port were fully functioning, geared, and well kept.  

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Japan: Kyoto

Deer selfie at Nara park. 

Maiko Dress up: A really great, but I'll be it touristy, way to get to know geisha culture. We opted to skip going outside and walking down the street but that is an option you can choose. You get printed photos to keep and take home, which means you can show all your friends how truly horrible you look as as a maiko or geisha.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Japan: Osaka

A pair of shorts/underwear I got around the Dotonbori area

Osaka Aquarium: A beautiful way to start our trip. Everything about this Aquarium had the essence of Japan through it; the staff uniforms, the ergonomic layout of the tanks and the utterly the adorable souvenir shop. As this was the only aquarium I visit I can not vouch for how well it compares to others throughout the country, but I think that any Aquarium would be amazing to visit. Osaka Aquarium had a 'touch and pet' area, where you could pat mantra rays and other nice and squishy fish. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tag Time: Birthday Tag

Tag Time Sunday has returned! 
1.) When is your birthday? 6th of Feb

2.) How old did you turn? 22!

3.) What was you’re favorite present that you’ve ever received? Maybe my bass guitar, I had braces and dyed my hair black and thought I was cool for wearing 20 thousand buttons on my handbag at a time. 

4.) Are you/did you have a party this year? if so what are you doing? I had people over for a BBQ last night, which turned into the alcoholympics, due to the beginning of the winter olympics. Today I am heading to a family lunch in the city. 

5.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday? With Family an cake. 

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had? Probably my Toybox 21st, but that could just be because I am getting old and that is all I can remember. 

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday? I would fly all the people I love to a massive resort in hawaii, with lots of shopping and beach times. 

8.) What’s your birthday wish list? A new camera! But that only because I know I wont get it. I will save up and buy it for myself. 

9.) If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday? I would bungee jump or something stupidly crazy like that. 

10.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one. Check out my post from Thursday and you will see a few.  

11.) Do you have any birthday traditions? Not really, just seeing family I guess. Birthdays get less impressive when you are older because you normal have to work and nobody really cares. 

12.) What’s your favorite part about your birthday? Seeing people I don't get to see all that much. 

13.) What’s one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday? I am older.

14.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone? My mum had friends surprise me by coming to my house after school for my 15th or 16th or 17th or something in high school. I loved it. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

America Planning

So Andrew and I are going to America! We have only just booked but it is such exciting news I couldn't wait to share. I will have all my Japan stories up soon, and then only 5 months after that I will be in the USA!


Friday, 7 February 2014

January Favourites

For the first time ever I am doing a monthly favourites! Get exited people! 

Bioderma: This has been getting a lot of use since I picked it up in Japan. I love how easy to use this is, it is versitile and hassle free. If you are yet to try it, or the likes, do yourself a favour and get one ASAP! 

Bauble Bar Necklace: I get compliments every single time I wear this so it had to get a mention. It was from the Miss Glamourazzi collection a while ago so I am not too sure if it is till avaviable. 

Wildfox Bangle: I just got this recently in Japan but I have already worn it enough times to call it a favourite. I live wildfox. I live bangles. I love nice French words. A perfect threesome. 

Hand Food: I have horrible hands from work and this guy keeps them in check. Without I would have am hands, with it they are baby soft and smell delightful. It sinks in super quick which is at I look for in a hand cream. The cute packaging (as always from soap and glory) hives it extra points. 

Essence Mascara: Considering this is the cheapest mascara I have ever bought it is pretty amazing. It gives length and volume, however it isn't the best at holding a curl. If you layer it with another mascara you will have a false lash effect, and everyone will comment. 

Japenese Eyelash Curly: Another japan goodies! The japnese, have straight eyelashes themselves, know how to invent a curler. It doesn't compare to any if the drugstore ones here, and the cute bow just make me wants to show it off. 

Macadamia Miricle Oil: This really is a miracle. It doesn't Makkah hair THAT shines, but it feels so soft it it worth it. My hair literally feels brand new, like fresh baby hair. I am n sure if it actually heals the damage it your hair, but it's certainly feels like it does. 

Instax Camera: This baby had been getting a lot of use as of late, and most likely will continue to do so! They really are the bees knees, and help you appriciate the tHung you can snap of photo of. 

Naked Palette:  I have mentioned this way too many times already, as with every other blogger in the world, but it really has been a favourite of mine. I can not wait to get 2 and 3 later this year. 

Sippy Cup: This has been a favourite for about 3 years now. Not always this cup (me and Andrew have broken a few), but just a great way to always have water on hand. I keep one near my desk and one of my bed side table, so water is never more than an arms length away.