Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I hate to write a bad review, but after purchasing photos off 'Photobox' I have no choice. I think the above photos give most of the faults away, but I will explain my displeasure with my order anyway. 

 Firstly, the just stuffed up my order. I don't know how often this happens, but I was one unhappy customer. I lot of my Japan photos were odd shapes, or from instagram, so I selected the 'white edges' option. This means that rather then stretching my photo to fit, there would be white edges left around the shape. This did not happen on any of my photos, and I had selected it for most. 

Secondly, the do some crazy stuff in the editing phase.I did not edit my photos at all, so was very surprised when they arrived with airbrushed faces, horrifically white teeth, and whitened eyelids. We look stupid, and not realistic at all. As you can see above, the teeth are just horrible. None of us was wearing white eyeshadow - that is all in the editing.

Finally, after sending an email to get new photos send out, not all fixes were made. Yes my photos had white around the edge, yes some photos no longer had white teeth and eyes, but some still did. How do you only remember to fix half? Especially when a customer has complained. 

Now they did offered me a full refund the first time, if my second batch was no correct, but to be honest by this point I did want to speck to them ever again so I just gave up. I don;t have to time to send off to another photos company, so I am just left with what are essentially crap photos.

I would not shop there ever again, and I suggest you do the same.


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