Monday, 31 March 2014

No Money March Recap

(This photo is not related, but I enjoy it.) 

I cant really say this was successful. I did purchase NO new work clothes, but bought a semi-expensive dress for an engagement. I only purchased food about 4 times, but then went and bought a brand new camera. 

Basically I did a good job at not being frivolous with my money, but still spent money on big ticket items.

How did you guys go? Anyone have any money saving tips to share?

Less than 3 months until I go to America so I really need to get into saving mode!


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Interview OOTD

I really need to invest in a tripod as these picture are pretty hilarious, but you get the idea.

Wearing: Whitney Eve shirt, Handmade skirt, Michael Kors watch, Dotti boots, and assorted jewelry from Bauble bar, Wildfox and Mocha. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Thanks Grandma!

My oh-so-lovely Grandma sent me some nail polishes for my birthday (belated I know), as well as a few other things. I had to show you the bottles, ripping off O.P.I anyone? I will do a full review later, I just wanted to show you the cute kit they came in. Five coloured polishes, a top coat, and the buffing stick. You can even use all the colours for am ombre' look!


Friday, 28 March 2014

Made By Manda: Nail Polish Rack

I think this one should technically be a 'made by my dad', however I came up with the design so I am featuring it here :)

I have been complaining about my nail polish storage for quite some time, as the jar they kept in were not only too noisy, but sometimes caused the polishes to spill everywhere.

I had a big old frame sitting around, not in use, and some left over wood from a 21st idea that never came about. Out of this I decided I would make a wall handing nail polish rack! My dad was VERY hesitant as first, and was sure it would be easier to just buy one. He may have been right but the satisfaction of building your own is too great.

The only we would have made is to maybe add one extra shelf in, however you do need to allow enough room to pull the bottles out, so I think it just takes trial and error.

Enjoy the pics guys :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Outfit Planning

Have you ever gone through your wardrobe and found a million cute outfits, but of course forgotten about them as soon as you pick the one you want to wear. 

I think I am going to try to be more organised with what I have, so I am planning on instant photographing 7 or so outfits a month. That way on days when I am in a complete rush, I can take a look at the outfits and just grab the entire thing out. It also means I have a cute way to show you guys what I plan on wearing this month.

Let me know if there are particular outfits you want me to plan :)


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Essence VS Savvy

As it is 'No Money March' I thought I would compare two of my favourite low priced brands. They may not always be the best of quality (not to say they are the worst), but as fare as low priced go they pretty much take the cake. 


  • Cheaper out of the two, generally
  • Wider variety (hand cream, nail stickers)
  • They launch lmiited editions sets quite frequently
  • Cute packaging
  • Made in Europe (how fancy!)
  • Decent make up brushes

  • Can be harder to find (not at all Priceline stores, but some Targets)
  • They can often be out of certain shades
  • Very tiny shade range (1 for concealer, 2/3 for foundations) 
  • Has a clearly younger target audience (check out those cartoons on the website!)
  • Never (unless its there once a year sale) on offer.


  • Easily found (sold at all Priceline stores, and online)
  • If you find something you like, chances are it is permanent
  • Quite a big colour range (light - dark concealers etc)
  • Nice packaging as well, but does not look as 'young'
  • Can go on offer at Priceline fairly often

  • Smaller Range
  • Nail polish quality is not quite as good (can need two coats)
At the end of the day I would repurchase both of these again and again. Cons aside, you get what you pay for, and sometimes cheap is all you can afford. 

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Monday, 24 March 2014

New camera!

So I have been fiddling around with my new camera recently, yay! 

I have barely moved off auto mode (with the exception of macro), but think it will take some time to reach pro level. I do seriously love it though, and although it made me gag spending so much money on what is just a hobby, I freaking love it. 

Full review of the Canon 600D will be coming... once I work out enough features to talk about it :)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tag Time: Wardrobe Tag

Here is a quick little tag I made up, I tag everyone that reads this to do it! 
If you do please let know, I would love to check it out :)

1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? For the last 2 or so years I have been in love with a LIving Doll dress. I have worn only about 4 or 5 times, but only because I dont get to wear pretty dresses that often. It is a mesh button down dress, white with black polka dots. I love it, and it goes with so mnay outfits!

2. What is the oldest item in your wardrob? Probably a black and white t-shirt dress I made myself about 5 or so years ago. 

3. The newest item? A Jones & Jones dress I bought off Asos. I wore it to an engaement party last night. 

4. What is the least expensive item? Probably just a singlet or something that I would have gotten for dancing. About $2 at most. 

5. The most expensive item? I think it would be my Alannah Hill pointed high heels, which wre around $400. But I  do also hav an Alannah Hill dress that I wore to my 21st so they could be tied :) I love them both just as equall too!

6. What do you have the most of? (i.e. t-shirts, jumpers, dresses) Jumpers are my current obession. I think I bought wayyy too many while in Japan, and now suddenly have a enough to open my own shop. I dont ever really wear hoodies though so I guess that is why. 

7. What do you have the least of? As I just said hooides. That and I only own two pairs of track pants. I am more of a yoga pants/leggings werer myself. 

8. What is on your 'need to buy' list? Belts! I broke my two favourite skinny belts, and now only have one polka dot one, which really doesnt go with everything. I am on a mission to find some skinny red, black and white belts. 

9. What would be your dream wardrobe item? I know they are totally old news, and the worlds cat-obession is over, but those Charlotte Olympia cat flats have been on my mind since they came out. I don't think I will ever have neough money to justify buying them though, as I could get a whole trip to Bali for $700. 

10. Is there anything that doesn't fit but you still keep it? Probably the Minnie Mouse jumper I bought in Japan. It is very tight, almost unwearable, as it is a child size. Maybe one day I will know someone little enough to wear it on my behalf :)

Talk soon xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brand Blurb #11: Kikki K

Okay so you may notice an original photo missing, (or you may not, this photo is from their blog though!)
 I just got a new camera and although is takes truly beautiful photos, I have yet to get them onto my computer.

I may go back and edit this post when I have a day off on Sunday to add a photo, but for now I hope you can survive this text heavy post!

PS... new camera post coming soon!

Uppsala Collection

"So what does your stationery say about you?"

Friday, 21 March 2014

Flash Back Friday: Jacinta

Its was one of my best friends birthday yesterday, so I am in the mood for reminiscing. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

$10 Challenge: Nail Polish

Essence Colour& go $2.70 AUD.
Opacity: One coat and you are good to go.
Chipping: This does chip after about 2 days, but a good topcoat can help it last 5. 
Brush: A small flat and slightly rounded brush, the 'professional style'. Application is easy, with two strokes covering the entire nail. 
Overall: This a good cheap nail polish. If you want a quick, fast drying application for a night out it is the perfect solution. However it will not last, so if you care about longevity this is not th Polish for you. I change my polish quite frequently, so this is one of my favourites. 

Essence Limited Edition $2.70 - $3.50 AUD.
Opacity: Again super opaque after one coat. Go team Essence!
Chipping: These tend to last about 4-6 days without a top coat, but not much more with one added. It is the texture and metallic finish that make them grip to the nail so well. 
Brush: Very similar to the regular Essence brush, although slightly larger and rounder. Application is still easy, although the brush can eave stroke lines. 
Overall: This is nice polish, and his particular shade gets a lot of use by me. I wouldn't rush out and buy them though, and if force I would choose the original range over this. 

Sally Hansen Triple Shine $9.95 AUD.
Opacity: Depending on the colour it needs 2-3 coats. I hate polishes that are not consistence with each shade, so that is a major downside for me. 
Chipping: These only stayed on for about 3 days, which was not impressive for the price. 
Brush: another professional style brush, this one being very flat. It cover the nail in 2 strokes, as it is wide, but does not give a very even application. 
Overall: These are play polishes, and  I did get sucked in by the cute packaging.  They don't really apply well enouh to be worth there money, as after the 3 coats to get opacity the drying time is almost infinite.  Sally Hansen has some good polishes,  but I would not say this is one of them. 

Australis Glitter Coat $9.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat is fine. 
Chipping: This is a glitter so I don't know how well I can judge it, but it does not waken the colour underneath at all. 
Brush: Small and rounded, a classic style. This works well as grabbing and applying the glitter. Three or more strokes will be needed. 
Overall: This is my favourites clutter topcoat. The glitters inside are made in such a s way that they apply eveny every time, and the polish itself is thin and shiney. You will compliment with every wear, so get one while you can! 

Models Prefer Nail Enamel $7.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat is okay, however the glitter to polish ratio is a little off. Glitter can tend to be a bit sparse.  
Chipping: This one is a bit thick, so it tend to chip or peel after a few days. 
Brush: this brush is the widest of the lot, with a semi rounded end. It works wet well, but the actually nail polish tends to glug at the end of the brush. 
Overall: Although the glitter is beautiful to look at in the bottle, it just does not translate well. There polish itself is thick and takes forever to dry. The glitter hardly applies, and when it does it tends to clump together. I would say always choose to Australis brand over this. 

BYS Matte $4.95 AUD.
Opacity: Needs two coats to be nice. 
Chipping: not the best for a matte coat, lasting a mere 2 days. 
Brush: a classic rounded style, with thick bristles. This not isn't the best for applying, with strokes lines visible. 
Overall: It may just be the matte formula, but I did not like this. I think for your money there are a lot better polishes out there. I do not recommend this, but may check it the origin calf ormula and compare it. 

Bloom $6.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat wonder!
Chipping: This lasts at least 4 days every time, and at least 6 when I add a decent top coat. 
Brush: another classic style, with quite large bristles. As this is a very thick opaque polish it works well, and if you dollop a large amount you can spread it evenly with the brush. Takes about 3 strokes, and leaves an even finish. 
Overall: These are great for nail art, as they only need one coat and have good longevity. There I sly downside is they aren't easy fund. I purchase mine from target, but have only seen them in one nearby store. 

So it turns out there are some goodins' for under ten bucks? Never will I buy expensive nail polish again *ahem*... well never say never...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Today is a post-but-not-really-a-post kind of day. It has been a busy week and although I have a lot of planned posts, I have not had time ti take photos.

I hope you enjoy this very old photo I took with my mums film camera.

I will be back in full swing tomorrow!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nail Art

So this is part 2 of my little nail tutorial. Let us begin! 

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base coat. 
Step 2: Paint pinky, middle and thumb with the metallic colour. 
Step 3: Paint index fingers with two different colours.
Step 4: Paint ring fingers with white. 

Step 5: Place small amounts of each colour onto the top of a 'throw-way' item, here I have used a cup, but even a rubbish bag is fine.  
Step 6: Make varying dots and smudges of each colour around the nail. with at least a few milometers between each spot.  
Step 7: Surround the dots with black, in either a full circle or a 'c' shape. Add some black dots and lines as well. 
Step 8: Add your top coat and you all done!

This is super easy, but can be time consuming. But you will receive so many compliments on it I promise! 

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Post-Shellac Manicure

This is part one of a two part series. Here is a photo guide of what I do when I don't want to pay a salon to remove my shellac. 

-acetone nail polish remover
-cue tips
- jar or glass
-hand cream
-nail polish
-base coat
-top coat
-cuticle oil
-nail file
-cuticle pusher
-cotton pads

Step 1: Soak your nails in the remover for about 5 - 10 minutes, using the jar. 

Step 2: Wipe of majority of shellac.  

Step 3: File off any stubborn bits of shellac. You must only get the shellac, and not your bare nail, or will will weaken them. 

Step 4: Buff nails. 

Step 5: Apply cuticle oil.  

Step 6: Push cuticles back, gently. 

Step 7: Apply hand cream. Let this and the cuticle oil fully absorb before continuing onto step 8. 

Step 8: Apply base coat. 

Step 9: Paint your nails!

Tomorrow I will post a guide to the nail art seen in the very top photo. See you then :) 

Friday, 14 March 2014

10 Cost Free Jar Uses

1) Herb Garden
2) Cup
3) Gifts
4) Receipts
5) Candle Jar, or for individual candles
6) Vase
7) Cosmetics
8) Floss
9) Stationary divider
10) Nail polish

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Decorating Mugs

This is a fun and cost friendly activity to keep yourself occupied or send as a gift to someone. All you need is a mug (any colour, just has to be porcelain) and some sharpie markers!

Draw your design on, leave over night (or a minimum of 4 hours), and bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. 

Tip: Take your mug out carefully to not smudge the deigns - I learnt the hard way! 

Let me know if you guys end up doing this!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Insta10: February

Once again I didn't make it to 10, its been a busy month! 

Left to Right: 
1) Omlette
2) Valentines Day
3) Bike riding with Andrew, with my beautiful new bike!
4) Birthday breakfast
5) Birthday flowers
6) Booking America
7) Kikki K goodies