Friday, 18 April 2014

Austen Tea Roms


The Austen Tea Rooms, in Essendon, are a truly special place. There is fine china, dainty lace table clothes, and enough tea to send you to the toilet a million times. 

It was the perfect place to take my mum for her birthday, as she is an avid Jane Austen fan, and lucky for her we were situated in the Mr Darcy room. Each room is themed with framed images, from both movies, television series, and the books, with a maxim of about 3 tables. 

There are three courses of food, and no matter how many you book in for, you will need to ask for a plastic container at the end. If not you will be waddling out, or in a food coma.  

Course one: ribbon sandwiches, 2 types of mini quiche, sausage rolls and mini pies. 
Course two: scones with jam and cream, both fruitless and mixed fruit.
Course three: cupcakes, lemon meringue, 2 types of slice, mini cakes and macaroons.

You can also selected to have just the sweets, or add a glass of champagne.

Over all the service was great, and I would go back again! I think everyone forgets to enjoy the luxuries like high tea these days, and I won't be forgetting too quickly.


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