Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ikea updates: Shoes

I recently went a little Ikea crazy, so prepare for a week of updates. Firstly I was sick of how my shoes were stored. The shoe rack I had was too big for my size six shoes, and they constantly slipped through. I went to Ikea and bought the SKUBB shoe boxes and SKUBB hanging organizer, both of which are great value for money. The only downside to the shoe boxes is they limit the heel height which you can put in them. So I wont be getting more. I love my shoe organizer though, It really does make such a difference. I have just hung it on the back of my wardrobe door, which is not in the way at all. I have taken in an old bookshelf for the rest of shoes, which will hopefully get a face lift soon - so stay tuned!


Any one else an Ikea lover?

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