Monday, 3 March 2014

Uni Week: Time Organisation

As it is first week back at uni for most Australian students I have decided to dedicate this week on the blog to you! We will begin with the most important factor, time management. These are the few small tips I have to stay organised. 

Making Lists: Notes are lifesavers. You may think of a project idea, mid way through a lecture, and in order to ensure it doesn't fade away into the abyss of you mind you must jot it down. Lists help with planning, time organisation, and general well being! If you want to stay sane during your time at uni always have sticky notes or paper with a pen near by. 

Keeping a Diary: Calenders, diaries or a deadline sheet all work the same. You need to know when projects are due, and you need to schedule accordingly.  There are going to be multiple things due each week, so you need to create a timeline for when you will be working on each project. 

Say you have a project due 5 weeks from now, week 1 will be 'complete research', week 2 'draft plan', week 3 '1st draft', week 4 'final draft/edits', week 5 'hand in project'. You wont always stick to the timeline exactly (you may jump ahead when you have less work in other subjects), but at least this way you will have an idea of how to keep up to date. 

Paper Flow: KikkiK inspired this one, and has pretty much changed my life. You need to have a 3 step system in place: 1) where paper enters (handouts, projects sheets etc), 2) where current work is kept before completion, and 3) complete work and work that has been graded and handed back. 

Having 3 separate sorted areas insures that work is getting don't on time, and in order.  

I keep a folder in my handbag/backpack to receive work while at school, it enters a tray when I arrive him, it is then sorted into an A4 folder kept at my desk, and finally is filed away into my top cupboard once it has been handed back to me. 

Study Time: Money is a glorious thing, and I am quite a spender, but you need to take at least one day off a week to ensure homework gets done. Now if you don't think you could cope without a two day weekend, that means only going to work four days a week. One day to study if worth it if you want to had a HD average, and when you end up procrastination on blogger half the time, the 8 hours you have at home will fly by. 

That is all for today, happy studying xx

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