Thursday, 20 March 2014

$10 Challenge: Nail Polish

Essence Colour& go $2.70 AUD.
Opacity: One coat and you are good to go.
Chipping: This does chip after about 2 days, but a good topcoat can help it last 5. 
Brush: A small flat and slightly rounded brush, the 'professional style'. Application is easy, with two strokes covering the entire nail. 
Overall: This a good cheap nail polish. If you want a quick, fast drying application for a night out it is the perfect solution. However it will not last, so if you care about longevity this is not th Polish for you. I change my polish quite frequently, so this is one of my favourites. 

Essence Limited Edition $2.70 - $3.50 AUD.
Opacity: Again super opaque after one coat. Go team Essence!
Chipping: These tend to last about 4-6 days without a top coat, but not much more with one added. It is the texture and metallic finish that make them grip to the nail so well. 
Brush: Very similar to the regular Essence brush, although slightly larger and rounder. Application is still easy, although the brush can eave stroke lines. 
Overall: This is nice polish, and his particular shade gets a lot of use by me. I wouldn't rush out and buy them though, and if force I would choose the original range over this. 

Sally Hansen Triple Shine $9.95 AUD.
Opacity: Depending on the colour it needs 2-3 coats. I hate polishes that are not consistence with each shade, so that is a major downside for me. 
Chipping: These only stayed on for about 3 days, which was not impressive for the price. 
Brush: another professional style brush, this one being very flat. It cover the nail in 2 strokes, as it is wide, but does not give a very even application. 
Overall: These are play polishes, and  I did get sucked in by the cute packaging.  They don't really apply well enouh to be worth there money, as after the 3 coats to get opacity the drying time is almost infinite.  Sally Hansen has some good polishes,  but I would not say this is one of them. 

Australis Glitter Coat $9.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat is fine. 
Chipping: This is a glitter so I don't know how well I can judge it, but it does not waken the colour underneath at all. 
Brush: Small and rounded, a classic style. This works well as grabbing and applying the glitter. Three or more strokes will be needed. 
Overall: This is my favourites clutter topcoat. The glitters inside are made in such a s way that they apply eveny every time, and the polish itself is thin and shiney. You will compliment with every wear, so get one while you can! 

Models Prefer Nail Enamel $7.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat is okay, however the glitter to polish ratio is a little off. Glitter can tend to be a bit sparse.  
Chipping: This one is a bit thick, so it tend to chip or peel after a few days. 
Brush: this brush is the widest of the lot, with a semi rounded end. It works wet well, but the actually nail polish tends to glug at the end of the brush. 
Overall: Although the glitter is beautiful to look at in the bottle, it just does not translate well. There polish itself is thick and takes forever to dry. The glitter hardly applies, and when it does it tends to clump together. I would say always choose to Australis brand over this. 

BYS Matte $4.95 AUD.
Opacity: Needs two coats to be nice. 
Chipping: not the best for a matte coat, lasting a mere 2 days. 
Brush: a classic rounded style, with thick bristles. This not isn't the best for applying, with strokes lines visible. 
Overall: It may just be the matte formula, but I did not like this. I think for your money there are a lot better polishes out there. I do not recommend this, but may check it the origin calf ormula and compare it. 

Bloom $6.95 AUD.
Opacity: One coat wonder!
Chipping: This lasts at least 4 days every time, and at least 6 when I add a decent top coat. 
Brush: another classic style, with quite large bristles. As this is a very thick opaque polish it works well, and if you dollop a large amount you can spread it evenly with the brush. Takes about 3 strokes, and leaves an even finish. 
Overall: These are great for nail art, as they only need one coat and have good longevity. There I sly downside is they aren't easy fund. I purchase mine from target, but have only seen them in one nearby store. 

So it turns out there are some goodins' for under ten bucks? Never will I buy expensive nail polish again *ahem*... well never say never...

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