Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tag Time: Wardrobe Tag

Here is a quick little tag I made up, I tag everyone that reads this to do it! 
If you do please let know, I would love to check it out :)

1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? For the last 2 or so years I have been in love with a LIving Doll dress. I have worn only about 4 or 5 times, but only because I dont get to wear pretty dresses that often. It is a mesh button down dress, white with black polka dots. I love it, and it goes with so mnay outfits!

2. What is the oldest item in your wardrob? Probably a black and white t-shirt dress I made myself about 5 or so years ago. 

3. The newest item? A Jones & Jones dress I bought off Asos. I wore it to an engaement party last night. 

4. What is the least expensive item? Probably just a singlet or something that I would have gotten for dancing. About $2 at most. 

5. The most expensive item? I think it would be my Alannah Hill pointed high heels, which wre around $400. But I  do also hav an Alannah Hill dress that I wore to my 21st so they could be tied :) I love them both just as equall too!

6. What do you have the most of? (i.e. t-shirts, jumpers, dresses) Jumpers are my current obession. I think I bought wayyy too many while in Japan, and now suddenly have a enough to open my own shop. I dont ever really wear hoodies though so I guess that is why. 

7. What do you have the least of? As I just said hooides. That and I only own two pairs of track pants. I am more of a yoga pants/leggings werer myself. 

8. What is on your 'need to buy' list? Belts! I broke my two favourite skinny belts, and now only have one polka dot one, which really doesnt go with everything. I am on a mission to find some skinny red, black and white belts. 

9. What would be your dream wardrobe item? I know they are totally old news, and the worlds cat-obession is over, but those Charlotte Olympia cat flats have been on my mind since they came out. I don't think I will ever have neough money to justify buying them though, as I could get a whole trip to Bali for $700. 

10. Is there anything that doesn't fit but you still keep it? Probably the Minnie Mouse jumper I bought in Japan. It is very tight, almost unwearable, as it is a child size. Maybe one day I will know someone little enough to wear it on my behalf :)

Talk soon xx

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