Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Essence VS Savvy

As it is 'No Money March' I thought I would compare two of my favourite low priced brands. They may not always be the best of quality (not to say they are the worst), but as fare as low priced go they pretty much take the cake. 


  • Cheaper out of the two, generally
  • Wider variety (hand cream, nail stickers)
  • They launch lmiited editions sets quite frequently
  • Cute packaging
  • Made in Europe (how fancy!)
  • Decent make up brushes

  • Can be harder to find (not at all Priceline stores, but some Targets)
  • They can often be out of certain shades
  • Very tiny shade range (1 for concealer, 2/3 for foundations) 
  • Has a clearly younger target audience (check out those cartoons on the website!)
  • Never (unless its there once a year sale) on offer.


  • Easily found (sold at all Priceline stores, and online)
  • If you find something you like, chances are it is permanent
  • Quite a big colour range (light - dark concealers etc)
  • Nice packaging as well, but does not look as 'young'
  • Can go on offer at Priceline fairly often

  • Smaller Range
  • Nail polish quality is not quite as good (can need two coats)
At the end of the day I would repurchase both of these again and again. Cons aside, you get what you pay for, and sometimes cheap is all you can afford. 

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