Saturday, 15 March 2014

Brand Blurb #10: Blossom Rose Naturals

Hello all!

This is half brand blurb/half haul, as I got all of these for my birthday. I didn't get a huge amount of products to test, but I have had them long enough to form an opinion.

Best Products: 

Luxurious Face Cream: $14
As the name suggests, this is very very nice on the skin. It is rich, creamy, and causes no irritation, so sensitive skinned people can cheer! It is a bit too scented for my liking, but it isn't a bad smell so I got over it. I like that is pink coloured, I cant explain why but the pastel pink just makes me feel happy inside. If you try anything from this line let it be this, your skin will be soft, and you will be happy. 

Worst Products: 

Lip Balm: $3.50
I think this was a dodgy batch, but my lip balm did not wind out of the tube. No matter how much I turns the twister at the bottom, no chap stick ever emerged from the top. I think the packaging had just malfunctioned.  I therefore can not actually comment on the product itself, which is a shame. 

In-between Products:

Assorted Soaps: $4
These soaps are lovely and smooth, not overly scented, and do an alright job at lathering. That being said, they don't do much more than that. Considering I have tried an enormous number of soaps, I think I have just gotten a bit soap posh over the years. These are great for washing yourself, and are fuss free. However they wont scent your entire bathroom, or make you feel like a silky soft skinned angel after using them. If you are not a fussy soap queen like I am, I am sure you will love them. 


Overall they are nice handmade products, and worth there price. They make a nice gift, or treat to yourself, and as they are all on sale now (sale prices listed) I would say go for it!

Shop here for all items. 

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