Monday, 10 March 2014

Products I've Used Up: February

Essence Match2Cover: This was actually a really nice creamy concealer, however with its limited shade range it will not work for everyone. The reason this is going in the bin is the lid broke, and I was sick of dealing with concealer covered everything!

Rimmel Stay Matte: I have finished HEAPS of these, so check my past used up products for a full review. Basically, it is great. 

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel: I am not a lover of mango's, however I did really enjoy the texture of this gel. It bubbled up nicely and wasn't too heavy on the scent. You could easily wear a perfume with this. 

Lush BBSeaweed: Another one that has been reviwed too many times to count. I am thinking maybe I should stop including old favorites (in this case not-so-favourite) in these 'used up' posts, as it just gets too darn repetitive! 

Lush Titsy Totsy Bath Ballistic: The best bath bomb ever! It is white so no messy colour to clean up. It has rose buds that flout around in it. It is a heart shape. What is not to love? Excuse the package image (I don't even know if that is the correct price), but once this is used up there is nothing else to share!

Ohpelia Makeup Rounds: These are by far my favourite make up rounds. They don't leave white fuzz all over your face, the hold up to liquids well, and they are cheap enough from Aldi. The 'el cheapo' homebrand one are totally crap when compared. 

Smartskin Wipes: These aren't great. DO NOT BUY. they sting your eyes, are rough on the skin, and the more I use them the more I realize they are just not worth the little money they cost. Even if these were free (which technically for me they are) I would not like to use them. 

Simple Eye Make-up Remover: Another hate product. This sting my eyes so horrifically I had to tip 60% of it out. I tried my best to get though it all, but it was just far too painful. I even had sore eyes days after using it. Another DO NOT BUY product. 

Colgate Mouth Wash: This is a 'meh' product. It cleaned my breath yes, but is did not whiten my teeth or do anything else that was too special. You may as well pay less and get a cheaper equivalent as their will be no real difference. 

Coconut Bath Crystals: I did like these, but I am not the biggest bath salt fan. They do not dissolve that fast, so you are left sitting on little rocks. Not my idea of relaxing. They also smelt divine in the packet, but has barely any aroma once in the water. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush: I am thinking that this month was the time for bad things to happen, as my brush died on my. Literally 1/3 of the brissells fell out. Now this isn't a cheap brush, and no other brushes had had the same results. I am not sure if it was just a one off fault, or if my cleaning routine wasn't good enough. I am VERY disappointed in this brush. I may be bitter but i refuse to re-buy it. Maybe some time in the future I will give it another go. 

M.A.C Shine Bright Moisturizer: This was one thing I actually loved. For a tiny free sample It lasted me about 2 months, which I was very happy with.  It worked well, smelt pleasant, and really did give the skin a healthy glow. I will look into buying this when I head to the states later in the year.

Sportsgirl Glitter Eyeliners: My eyes really did have a tough month. These (about 5+ years old) sent my eyes into a stinging frenzy. 

Note: Get rid of old make up, and do not put something near your eyes if it smells like paint thinner.

Both sound logical, but I got to caught up in reminiscing of high school with these guys. 

That is all for this month :)


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