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Brand Blurb #11: Kikki K

Okay so you may notice an original photo missing, (or you may not, this photo is from their blog though!)
 I just got a new camera and although is takes truly beautiful photos, I have yet to get them onto my computer.

I may go back and edit this post when I have a day off on Sunday to add a photo, but for now I hope you can survive this text heavy post!

PS... new camera post coming soon!

Uppsala Collection

"So what does your stationery say about you?"

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

My Organiser: $149.00
This thing is bloody amazing. I have no problem saying it changed my life for the better. You can keep any important documents safe, monitor your spending, organise all receipts, basically put your financial and personal life in order. Everything is labelled and perfectly laid out, which means you can spend less time thinking and more time acting. It may be a spendy purchase, but it well worth your money, and 90% of it is reusable each year.  

Ipad Mini Leather Case: $49.95
I have needed a new ipad case for a while, as I am clumsy and screen protection was a must. The quality of this is amazing, and it helps that it looks so darn pretty. 

Mini Notepads: $7.95+
These are the perfect size for jotting down notes, and with ample pages. I have had my last one for over 12 months now, but that could be because I am a note pad hoarder and never have less than 5 lying around. These are also cute enough to use a nice notes for gifts, and there are plenty of times I have been a bad friend and forgotten to buy a card.  

Weekly Chore Pad: $9.95
This is another one of those really functional things that make you think life was so much harder with out it. I keep mine in front of my keypad at all times, and use it as a mass meo pad rather than chores. I can divide it up into subcategories for the week, and always stay on target with my goals. Plus it is so satisfying being able to physically tick them off. 

Worst Products: 


In-between Products:

Daily Note Pad: $14.95
I love the look of this, and its features, but I have to say it has not been used yet. That could be because I have it at my craft desk, not near my computer, but really I think I just prefer the chore pad over it. That being said, It is really unique it what is has on it. It lets you makr out your water consumption, the weather that day, and lot of notes. I think this will be perfect for my scrap booking as a 'day in the life page', as well serving as an everyday note pad. 

Felt Tip Pen 10pk: $12.95
These come in cute colours, looks nice altogether, and draw well, BUT they don't last. I have had mine for about 2 or so years (maybe more) and although some till have ink, at least half have split at the felt tip. That irritates me a lot. In saying that I am known as a 'hard pen pusher' so maybe if you are more delicate than me, or not looking for a pen that lasts half a decade, you will like these. They are very cute and have a steady ink flow.


I don't think you can ever go wrong with KikkiK. If I was loaded, or worked there, my stationary would never come from anywhere else. They are a perfect gift, with not only stationary bu home wares, and their gift wrapping service is stunning. 

It may not be the most practical way to spend any extra dollars you find, but their quality means you get what you pay for (in the best way possible). Everyone knows that nothing beats the feeling of writing a list on pretty paper :)

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Here are my photos! They aren't great, as I am still getting used to my camera. Hence them being all the way down the bottom of the post haha. 

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