Sunday, 2 March 2014

Autumn Tag

Tag Time Sunday again! 

1. Favorite Autumn Thing: The deep rich colours, from the leaves to the lips.

2. Favorite Food: Pumpkin Soup with sweet chilli.

3. Favorite Drink: Spiced chai latte, with coy milk of course ;)

4. Best Lipstick?: Deep red plums.  

5. Go to Moisturizer: Origins night-a-mins. 

6. Go to Eye Shadow:
 Matte dark brown. 

7. Favorite Nail Colour: Dark green, although I am yet to find one that doesn't stain my nails. 

8. Favorite Accessory: Since Japan I have been on a beanie craze! I never thought they suited me but it was so cold over there I just thought, to heck with it, and protected me ears. When it cools down I will have a bunch to rotate through.  

9. Favorite Scent/Candle: Warm fresh cookies.

10. Favorite Activity: Snuggling up with movies and junk food.


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