Friday, 28 March 2014

Made By Manda: Nail Polish Rack

I think this one should technically be a 'made by my dad', however I came up with the design so I am featuring it here :)

I have been complaining about my nail polish storage for quite some time, as the jar they kept in were not only too noisy, but sometimes caused the polishes to spill everywhere.

I had a big old frame sitting around, not in use, and some left over wood from a 21st idea that never came about. Out of this I decided I would make a wall handing nail polish rack! My dad was VERY hesitant as first, and was sure it would be easier to just buy one. He may have been right but the satisfaction of building your own is too great.

The only we would have made is to maybe add one extra shelf in, however you do need to allow enough room to pull the bottles out, so I think it just takes trial and error.

Enjoy the pics guys :)


  1. I am forever searching for a way to store my nail polish collection in a way that is pretty and functional, this is great!