Sunday, 9 March 2014

Uni Week: Tag

1. What school are you attending? RMIT

2. What year are you entering? 
Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

3. What made you choose this school?  
I already went there once, for my Applied Science Degree, and loved it!

4. When did you apply and get accepted? I applied before Japan in October/November of 2013 and was accepted in January 2014. 

5. Have you received any scholarships/grants? 
Nope :(

6. Are you prepared to leave the nest? 
I will be staying at home for at least my first semester, as I need to save for America

7. If you could take only 3 things to college what would they be? Laptop, water and phone. 

8. What is one college resolution? 
Have a distinction average. 

9. What is your go to college look? Casual but put together. Maybe hair down and straight, a dress, heeled boots and a jacket. 

10. What is your advice to hs seniors? 
Do not be afraid to quit uni. There is a census date for a reason, I completed a course I didn't really want to do and it didn't help me one bit.