Sunday, 23 February 2014

Tag Time: Music and Feels

Hello lovely blog people!

Here is a short little Sunday post for you to read. I changed around a tag I had seen around to suit me, I you can do it too if you like :)

1. A song from your first big love: Wolf like me by TV on the Radio. 

2. A song that makes you cry: Every song. 

3. A song that have to listen to again and again or has plagued you: Back to the Wild by Basement Jaxx, which played every 10 or so songs at work for a while as a part of their ad campaign. 

4. A song that represents your teenage years?: Hands down by Dashboard Confessional or We will never break up by Alkaline Trio. 

5. A song that represents your personality: Ugly Girl by Fiona Apple.  

6. A song you listen to in the morning:
 The Submarine (entire album) by Whitley. 

7. A song you listen to at night: Lets make out by Does it Offend You Yeah (for going out) and Daniel by Lior (for going to sleep).

8. A song everyone loves but you hate: Anything by P!NK. 

9. The last song you heard: Seein' Red by Unwritten Law.

10. Your current favourite song: Mechanical Heart by Jon D.

That is all for now guys, talk soon xx

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