Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Japan: Kyoto

Deer selfie at Nara park. 

Maiko Dress up: A really great, but I'll be it touristy, way to get to know geisha culture. We opted to skip going outside and walking down the street but that is an option you can choose. You get printed photos to keep and take home, which means you can show all your friends how truly horrible you look as as a maiko or geisha.

Nara Deer Park: A really reall really worthwhile day. At first the deers were a little scary, as they pounce on you if purchase the biscuits to feed them, but if you just walk around and play with them they are lovely. No they aren't all cute little Bambi's, but even the old haggard ones missing fur had their charm. There are lots of amazing stalls outside the park too - deer beanies, deer lollies, deer chicken, you name it! 

Sanjusangendo Hall: The 1000 sacred statues of Kanon. This was really spiritual moment for me, and I think everyone would get something our if it. 

Gion: Tradional craft galor! Plus lots of food. You will see geishas all around this area which is really nice. Some have their partners dress up too, I don't know what the traditional ya ord is but they looks like a geisha ninja. 

Fushimi Inari: The torri gates are another must see of Kyoto. You could spend days there, as there are more than 30 shrines along the path. 

Bamboo Forrest: The bamboo Forrest is really beautiful, and you could back again and again to see it in every season. There are 3 (I believe) shrines very near by to the main section of the Forrest, one of which we. Entered and had a spectacular zen garden. That's the thing about Japan, so many secret and utterly breathtaking areas. 

Kiyomizu-dera: A world heritage sight, which has a large shrine with several towers and gardens off it. It is packed, which adds to the atmosphere, as well as the lovely spell of inscents that all shrines have. There were lots of people dressed in full kimono taking selfies which was very cute. 

The beautiful torri gates. 

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