Friday, 7 February 2014

January Favourites

For the first time ever I am doing a monthly favourites! Get exited people! 

Bioderma: This has been getting a lot of use since I picked it up in Japan. I love how easy to use this is, it is versitile and hassle free. If you are yet to try it, or the likes, do yourself a favour and get one ASAP! 

Bauble Bar Necklace: I get compliments every single time I wear this so it had to get a mention. It was from the Miss Glamourazzi collection a while ago so I am not too sure if it is till avaviable. 

Wildfox Bangle: I just got this recently in Japan but I have already worn it enough times to call it a favourite. I live wildfox. I live bangles. I love nice French words. A perfect threesome. 

Hand Food: I have horrible hands from work and this guy keeps them in check. Without I would have am hands, with it they are baby soft and smell delightful. It sinks in super quick which is at I look for in a hand cream. The cute packaging (as always from soap and glory) hives it extra points. 

Essence Mascara: Considering this is the cheapest mascara I have ever bought it is pretty amazing. It gives length and volume, however it isn't the best at holding a curl. If you layer it with another mascara you will have a false lash effect, and everyone will comment. 

Japenese Eyelash Curly: Another japan goodies! The japnese, have straight eyelashes themselves, know how to invent a curler. It doesn't compare to any if the drugstore ones here, and the cute bow just make me wants to show it off. 

Macadamia Miricle Oil: This really is a miracle. It doesn't Makkah hair THAT shines, but it feels so soft it it worth it. My hair literally feels brand new, like fresh baby hair. I am n sure if it actually heals the damage it your hair, but it's certainly feels like it does. 

Instax Camera: This baby had been getting a lot of use as of late, and most likely will continue to do so! They really are the bees knees, and help you appriciate the tHung you can snap of photo of. 

Naked Palette:  I have mentioned this way too many times already, as with every other blogger in the world, but it really has been a favourite of mine. I can not wait to get 2 and 3 later this year. 

Sippy Cup: This has been a favourite for about 3 years now. Not always this cup (me and Andrew have broken a few), but just a great way to always have water on hand. I keep one near my desk and one of my bed side table, so water is never more than an arms length away. 

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