Friday, 14 February 2014

Japan: Nagoya

My Christmas selfie

As it was Christmas, a time where you really do miss your friends and family while away from them, we didn't really do too much. I think Nagoya was a lovely humble place to stay, but realistically we should have stayed a lot closer to the snow. In saying that the hostel we were in was really homely and made being away for the holidays a lot easier. We rarely left our common room other than for food so I guess this will be a shorter post than usual, enjoy though!

Shopping: There is a large shopping centre just outside of the local train station (the name escapes me) which is really grat around the holidays. We went christmas eve and they had a big group of caroller, singing songs in both English and Japenese. We had a look in every store, from the 300 yen 'junk shops' to the higher end stores with a more western feel. The one shop I LOVED, and I mean loved, was a stationary/cute things in general store, on the ground floor. I went a bit crazy in there, as the Japanese do stationary oh so well. They love a good character, and it is funny to see characters like Moomin and Peanut - it is not all Hello Kitty! The staff are so amazing, they asked if I wanted my items gift wrapped (I am not sure if this is a festive additional or all year round), and literally spent 5 minutes repackaging every item as the price could not we removed with out leaving sticker residue. Its also worth a mention how nicely everything is given to you through out every store. They all have beautiful plastic bags, everything is placed in nicely, and then they seal it for you with specially deigned sticky tape. You feel like all of Santas elves are helping you with every purchase! 

Sekainoyamachan: We wanted to try authentic Nagoyan fried chicken and this is were our hostel sent us. The chicken is great, the atmosphere is great, the price is great, and you can get sake beer. Need I say more? you can choose from really hot and spicy chicken to an original salty flavoring, and both were delicious. Trying out fried chicken somewhere in Japan in essential in your trip, they know how to do a good job of it. Nagoya is proud of their frying abilities and I can see why, KFC wont ever be the same again. 

Well I guess this turned out to be a lengthy post after all - I am such a rambler! 

The hostel Christmas party

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