Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hair Confusion

So I am having a bit of a hair-depression recently. All my balayge has grown out (expect about 5cm from the end) and the mousey brown colour I naturally have is back to limp and lifeless self. I am thinking about doing a home colour, but that really scares me. I saw an at home dye kit advertised the other day so I may give that a go, but I really do not want to end up with orange hair. On the other hand I could go to a salon and get it done, but my last to trips to the hairdresser cost me 170 and 200, which I do not have spare at all! 

Does anyone have any 'at-home' dye tips? I used to dye my hair dark in high school, but going lighter at home just seems a bit scarier. 

Help me out if you know anything xx

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Brunette to Blonde Ombre Hair


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