Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ten Dollar Challenge #1: Stick Concealer

Hello all!

This string of posts is because although ten dollars may not seem like a lot of money to some of you, when you are still in school, or generally don't like parting with money, ten dollars can be a lot. Plus whether you think it is a little or a lot you should always be getting your moneys worth, hence the invention of this serious.

For this first comparison I will review 3 stick concealers all of which I found for under $10AUD. Now these are obviously going to be completely different in quality to these you would pay $30+, but if you just want something that can cover up dark circles and few spots without looking like little orange splotches all over your face, $10 is fairly reasonable.

I wanted to try these out because I normally not a fan of stick concealers  always opting for cream or liquid types. The 'challenge' part is that I will give my best recommendation out of the 3 (or how ever many I try). Lets get on with the mini reviews!

Note: Sorry for the two super blurry photos! I was going to retake them when I started editing on my computer, but with such a busy schedule I decided there was no point. This is all about the review, not my crappy photos :)

Savvy Concealer in Light,  $3.99 AUD.
Creamy and easy to blend with either  a finger or a brush. 
This was a light coverage, which did not hold up too well against my crazy under eye circles. I tried to put on a second coat, but it does not layer well. If you have younger less problematic skin this would be a fine concealer to use. It worked okay on spots, but their was still a slight redness showing through. 
Lasting Power: 
This lasted all day on me, both with and with out foundation over the top. Both times I did use a setting powder. 

Australias Concealer in light, $9.95 AUD.
This seemed creamy when first applied, but it quickly turned lumpy when tried to blend. It flaked off in patches and did not stick well to the skin at all.  
This poorly covered because of the flakey and patchy application. It also made my under eye circles go grey rather than correct the tone. 
Lasting Power: 
I have to say it looked so bad on the skin I did not bother leaving it on long enough to test the lasting power. 

Models Prefer Concealer Stick in Light, $9.99 AUD.
This was very creamy, and very easy to blend using just your finger. 
 This was a light to medium coverage which was very build-able  I only used one layer on spots, but had to do two layers under my eyes.  It still did not feel cakey or heavy, but did do quite a good job at covering my horrific under eye bags.
Lasting Power: 
This lasted a whole 8 ours on my face with out smudging at all. It did settle into the fine lines under my eyes a bit, but nothing major. 


And the winner is.... The Models Prefer Concealer Stick! Savvy did come a close second though, and you get more value for money and a wider colour selection. However I felt the Models Prefer was better at under eye circles. Can I call it a tie? Or is that a bad result for me first attempt :/ 

Either way both are okay for under ten dollars, but I still think I would choose liquid concealer over all of these. I may do a liquid challenge soon!

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