Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tag Time Sunday: My First Time

Its Tag Time! 
I have only done one Tag so far so I though I would do a few more so you guys could get to know me :) So without further ado here is the My First Time Tag:

First Love: Andrew! 

First Kiss: Pretty sure it was at my local park, and was horrible ha. 
First Pet: A rabbit. 

First time you met your partner: At a friends 18th in 2010

First cd: I won a Vengaboys cd at a disco.... so cool.

First Concert: Greenday, with my best friend, brother and mum.

First impression of you bf: Oh wow that guy over there has a goon sack (cask of wine) lets go say hi and talk to his cute friends. 

First person you said I love you too: My best friend in about year 8 or 9 I think.

First big purchase: My car, which I got for cheap off my mum.  

First gadget: Probably my Hello Kitty alarm clock. It was in the shape of a teacup and super adorable!
First date: It was probably before this but I will say my first date with Andrew was too a Park near his house. The ranger had to come and kick us out because we stayed too late which was a bit awkward. 

First overseas holiday: To Fiji with my mum and dad. I was in year 12 I think. 

First mobile phone: Nokia 3315. Good times entering your own ringtones and playing snake haha. 

That is all lovely people! Link me to your firsts post if you have one :)

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    You've been tagged to do the "I LOVE FALL" blogpost!
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