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Brand Blurb #3: Sanctuary Spa

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This is a review on Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden.  I will discussing the brand, products I like and products I dislike.

Here is a photo of some of my current 
Sanctuary Spa stash (although I forgot to grab some out of the shower):

This is what Sanctuary Spa has to say about there products:

"Some beauty products are created in a laboratory – ours were born in the spa. 
Developed using the expertise of our therapists and the feedback of our thousands of 
guests, all of our award-winning products are those used in our spa treatments. We k
now what women’s skin needs and we know what works, because we see the results 
every day in women’s glowing skin and happy smiles."

On a side note I wanted to attend the Spa when I head to Europe next year, but it has had some bad reviews about its customer service. Does anyone know if it is good?
Now lets jump into the products!


Best Products: 

Daily Spa Escape Hot Sugar Scrub: $19.99 per 550g
I am not normally a fan of scrubs in a screw-top tub, but this is just divine  Any of the Sanctuary 'Hot' range feels incredibly luxurious on the skin. It warms as you scrub leaving the softest skin in the world. It doesn't feel overly abrasive for a body scrub, which i like, but there are certainly fine grains of sugar through out. Perfect as a gift or to spoil yourself. I don't think I will run back to repurchase it because of the price point, but in saying that I wont have to because I feel this is going to last a really long time. As soon as it goes on offer I will snap some up for myself and as gifts. A must try!

Deep Cleanse Thermal Detox Mask: $19.99 per 100ml
Like the Body Scrub the heated feeling of this feels very nice. It cleans your skin well and only takes 5 minutes to really have an effect. I love the feeling of clean but not dry skin, which the mask achieves, as well as leaving your face baby soft. I have recently started using this in shower as I feel the steam just makes it that little but more luxurious. It really does feel like a day spa in a bottle, perfect for gift giving and to treat yourself. I can see myself using this up quickly because I love it so much, and will definitely pop it on the repurchase list.  

Brightening Facial Exfloliator: $19.99 per 100ml
I have an in depth review of this product here, but one thing I forgot to mention in that comparison was how long this was truly going to last. You only need a pea sized amount to do your ENTIRE face. It is luxurious  nice smelling and effective. Totally worth the price and would repurchase, although I think I have about 6 months left in the tube!

Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser: $19.99 per 125ml
This is the first muslin cloth cleanser I have tried and I love it. I am not using my Clarisonic morning and night anymore, not even everyday, so this is a nice gentle cleaner to alternate with. I don't go through the ten minute process it suggest every time, but even just as a quick cleanser to use over the skin in the morning I love it. Unlike liquid based cleansers it does get all over the place, it is quite balmy and hydrated. The smell is nice and it leaves the skin fresh and clean, not dry and tingley. 

Worst Products: 

Daily Spa Escape Body Scrub: $14.99 per 200ml
This scrub is just not for me. It is VERY liquidy, so much so that it will drip through your fingers as you try and use it. I will try and use the product up but I will not repurchase it. I cant see many people liking it, unless perhaps you like very gentle, runny scrubs that can only be used in the bath.

In-between Products:

Brightening Facial Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15: $19.95 per 75ml
I love a good facial sunscreen and this one does the job. It doesn't break me out, smells nice and does leave a bright glow, perhaps a bit shiny  The only real downside is that its only SPF15, but I can get over it. It is a nice sunscreen if you love the dewy look, however the price point is a bit high for such a low sun factor. 

Deep Cleanse Pore Refining Toner: $19.99 per 150ml
I have been using this for about a month now and I am not too sure If it is this product alone, or the many changes I have mad, that has cleared my skin up. I can say that it feels nice on skin and is not over drying. The main bonus is the spray bottle. Many times when I have been running late I have not bothered with a cotton pad and just aimed at my face and hoped for the best. It isn't the cheapest toner in the world, but it didn't break me out and felt nice on the skin. 


I have only just started using Sanctuary Spa products and am excited to try a lot more from the range. They are definitely luxurious products  so I wont run out and grab everything all at once, but are still cheaper then high end products. 

I am yet to get my hands on both the Youth Boosting Cleansing Oil Youth Boosting Therapists Secret Facial Oil which are both meant to be amazing products, as well as the brightening eye cream which I am yet to see stocked in Australian stores. I have been very impressed with all that I have tried so far and can not wait to see what else the brand has to offer. 

All products can be found at your local Priceline Pharmacy store or at:

That is all for this Brand Blurb, bye!

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