Friday, 15 November 2013

November Tag

Here is a quick tag I found on the internets!

On my nightstand you'll find:  A lamp, flowers and candles - not beauty products!

The literary character I'm most like is: I can not think of one, but if we delve into movies I really related to Angelique from the french film 'Romantics Anonymous  which you should go and watch right now!

I'm currently obsessed with:  Marc Jacobs Honey Fragrance. I may do an updated perfume collection very soon!

My favorite superhero is: It was always the Green Lantern but even though I didn't see the movie I feel Hollywood ruined him for me. Plus I never liked Hal Gordon, it was Kyle Rayner all the way for me!

Favorite beauty product of 2013: Eeeeek! Probably my Nars Adults Content Palette. 

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive:  Andrew! But I guess if he was busy I would love to dine with Emma Watson (to make Andrew jealous of course haha) or Zoe from Zoella :)

Winter is coming, how do you prep your skin for battle?  Technically Summer is coming in Australia, but when I head to Japan's winter I with take my Origins Ultracream (I think that the name!?). Thick night creams get my dry skin through anything. 

My perfect date night makeup consists of: Smokey purple/black eyes, heavy liquid eyeliner, falsies and a bright red lip. Go hard or go home!

My go-to skin-beautifying snack/drink is: Water? That's all I really can do to help my troublesome skin. 

My TV boyfriend is: Sawyer from Lost. He can call me any nickname he likes....

If my evening clutch could hold only one beauty item it would be:  I am really lazy with topping up my makeup through out the night, but probably just my lipstick (which I would then never put on). 

One beauty tip I would pass on to my fictional daughter is:  Have fun with it, but if your going to go crazy make sure you do a practice go first. Wow, typical mum advice. 

The most nostalgic item from my childhood is: Peanut, my bean filled wombat. 

My favorite show of the moment is:  Lost. Yeah 2004 is so old school I know, but I have never watch the show in its entirety so Andrew and I have been hitting up his box set almost every night. 

My favorite quote is: I am not a very quote-motivated person. I do like it when someone says I love you and means it, whether it is to me or not. That line gets me every time. 

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