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Brand Blurb #4: Michael Todd True Organics

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This is a review on Michael Todd True Organics. I like everyone else jumped onto the beauty guru obsessed bandwagon and bought the entire dry/sensitive skincare line.  
I think you should know the deal by now so here is the photo of my currents products (expect the shower ones because I forgot to grab them!):

"Making the world a prettier place, one face at a time."

Micheal Todd is known for being organic. There main concept is that there are no harsh chemicals (such as parabens, sulfates, artificial coloring, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, phthalates or triclosan) in their products, which instead all start with a base of 100% Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice. Another bonus is the fact Michael Todd is Cruelty Free, meaning they have never participated in animal testing on our products or ingredients. The major downside is that fact it is not stocked in Australia, however shipping worldwide is a mere $7.99, and is very reliable. 

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

Organic Cranberry Toner: $18.00 per 250ml
The biggest plus about this: alcohol free. It is so hard to find toners that actually keep your face fresh and clean, without drying it out. I cant save this saved my skin, but I would repurchase it. In saying that I actually wont repurchase any of the line until I need more than 2 items, mainly because I am very stingy ha. The toner works well, didn't sting my face, and have a very reasonable price point. If you live in America try this asap.

Extreme Hydrating Facial Mask: $34.00 per 100ml
This mask feels utterly luxurious on the skin. It smells a lot like mangos, being one of the main ingredients, and goes on quite thin. My skin hasn't been overly dry this past winter, which I think is due to this and my Origins Moisturizer. This mask leaves the skin baby soft and smelling amazing. 

Honey and Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser: $24.00 per 210ml
This is probably the best of the best product for me. This works on facial brush, a Clarisonic, or on your bare hands, and cleans thoroughly every time. You do not need much at all so I feel I wont run out anytime soon. I organically used this over the skin at night with my Clarisonic, but I now keep it in the shower. It wakes you up in the morning without leaving skin tight and dry. I have been trying to use less products on my skin, and only cleanse when I have been wearing makeup or in the shower in the morning. This is a one step wonder that could easily be followed up with just moisturizer. I love the smell, texture and the price is VERY reasonable for something that has lasted me 4 months so far!

Worst Products: 

Intensive Organic Eye Cream: $38.00 per 15ml
The eye cream itself wasn't too bad, although I cant say I noticed any real changes in my under eye bags, but the packaging killed me. I don't know if I am the only one but the stupid thin tube it comes in falls over 24/7 and squirts eye cream all over the place. I was left with no choice but to decanter the product. I also have noticed no difference in my eyes, so in the future I would not repurchase this. 

In-between Products:

Citrus Cream Moisturizer: $29.00 per 70ml
This has the highly sought after Hyaluronic Acid in it, which seems to work well on my skin, but I hated the texture of it.  It did not sit well under my foundation, and it CAN NOT be mixed with foundations/tints for a light application. Because I rarely were foundation without mixing it with moisturizer  this has become a night time only product. It works well for that purpose, and has left my skin soft and flake-free. 

Hydration Boost Serum: $37.00 per30ml
I cant really tell you whether this has done much for my skin. As I have said a million times I used to have CRAZY dry skin, patches flaking off all over, but since taking care of my skin I have seen a 100% improvement. I only this serum every other night, mainly because I am lazy. It sinks in quickly and smells nice, and I have not seen a dry patch since I started using it. If you have chronic dryness give this one a go and see what you think. I am unsure whether I will repurchase, mainly because I would like more of a pore/redness reducing serum next time. 


Overall the brand has some amazing products, and the fact it is cruelty free and organic is a BIG bonus in my books. I think if this was available in stores in Australia I would have much higher reviews of it, but the cost and time wasted getting it shipped here makes me scrutinize it more heavily than local products. As  a skincare line I think you cant really go wrong, nothing here will be likely to break you out, but at the same time I cant say they have many miracle products.
In saying that I cant wait to try out more products in the future and see what else the brand has to offer. 

All products can be found at with just $7.99 shipping. 

That is all lovely people! Talk soon :)

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