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Brand Blurb #6: Bourjois

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This is a review on Bourjois. I do get most of my products from Priceline, but Bourjois can be found a bit cheaper on

"Making the world a prettier place, one face at a time."

Bourjois started in 1863, made for theater companys and its artists. Now Bourjois is known because it is under the same company as big brand Chanel. 

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

Healthy Mix Serum Gel: $32.00 AUD
This is a great light yet build able foundation.  One of the first drugstore foundations I used and I loved it. I would repurchase this again and again. If you have really sensitive skin please note this is scented, although I find it very pleasant. The packaging is nice, as it comes with a plastic pump. 

Clubing Liner: $21.00 AUD
These liner are amazing. They are easily to apply with a very thin flexible wand, and stay ALL day once you pop them on. They go on glossy but dry slightly matte. 

Bronzer: $30.00 AUD
I cant for the life of me remember the name of this but is the one shown in the above image (something de soilel). It is a creamy, scented bronzer, that comes with a nice brush for sculpting. I cant say the packaging is great, its is quite large to travel with. But it does have a nice sized mirror. The product itself it great for my pale skin, and this isn't even in the lightest shade. 

Eyeshadow Pots: $20.00 AUD
I love These little pots, I just need to work how to depot them and make them into a palette and it would be my go to look. They are pigmented, creamy, and each come with a small brush for application. These were the first individual eye shadows I ever bought and I love them. 

Worst Products: 


In-between Products:

3D Effect Lip Gloss: $22.00 AUD
I do love these glosses, especially the vanilla smell. However they are a bit sticky, and the colour range isnt great. 

Somkey Eyes Trio: $28.00 AUD
The is a trio that I almost regret buying, the colours are pigmented but are just way too frosted for my liking. I wish there was at least one matte shade, but it does a good job if you enjoy all over shimmeryness. 

Intense Eyeshadow Pots: $22.00 AUD
These are actually great, and maybe if you were a make up artist you could enjoy these, but is is possible to say they are too good? They are just so darn pigmented I don't ever get the chance to wear them. 


That is all lovely people! Talk soon :)

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