Friday, 31 January 2014

Skincare #2

Part two of my skincare routine is all the products I use at night. I have to admit though, there is the odd occasion where I come home from a night out and just wipe of my makeup and go to bed. I am a bad person I know.  

Bioderma: I finally got on the bandwagon of this one, and it is truly lovely. It doesn't sting like traditional make up wipes do, and feel like I am treating my skin better with every use. I take 2 cotton pads to do my whole face and eyes.

Simple Eye Make Up Remover: This only gets the occasional use, and I have to say I am not very happpy with it. It stings my eyes, very badly, but I vowed to use it up completely. This may get the chuck out now that I use Bioderma, but we will wait and see. 

Sanctuary Hot Cloth Cleanser: This guy only gets used when I feel Bioderma has not quite finished off the job, or my skin is a bit miserable. I don't always use as instructed (to use both hot and cold cloths to assist in deep cleansing of the pores), mainly I just use at as cleansing balm. It is simple and easy to rinse off so no complaints here.  

Mario Badescu Lotion: This got a mention in my last post, so check that out if you haven't.  

Sheet Masks: After toning is the best time to use a sheet mask, and If I do I will skin the next step and head straight to bed. A bit of a novelty I think, but I am yet to experience adverse side affects so I will keep using them.  

Micheal Todd Citrus Cream Moisturizer: I alternate between these too moisturizers, pretty much when ever I can remember what I am up to. This one by Michael Todd is very hydrating and soaks in fast which I like. It has a pleasant smell and is great for every day use. I don't think this would do much for oily skin, but my dry/combo skin loves it.  

Origins Make Difference: This is another loved product, one that certainly saved my skin. I use this more regularly in winter, but it is generally saved for very dry skin days. It feels very luxurious on the skin, and to me smells like licorice. There is no flakey patch of skin it cant heal, so if you are in need, look no further. 

Overnight Mask: Pretty self explanatory, I use this If i can remember in place of my moisturizer. I would love to get my hands on the Origins Drink up and give that a go. 

That is all for my skincare stuff guys, hope you enjoyed. Next stop: hair care!

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