Saturday, 18 January 2014

Japan Haul: Bags

I managed to pick up four bags while I was away, here is a quick snap of each of them (taken really badly on my ipad - sorry!)

This is a big bag I got on sale for about $15 at H&M, it was slightly damaged but as this was the first time I had been in H&M I went a bit crazy...

I know its crazy but this bag was on sale from $100 to $50 so I decided I had to have it. It has a really cute postcard design on the back that says 'Dear Hello Kitty', seriously how could I not?

My brother bought me this for Christmas because I couldn't decide between the two. I don't normally do gold but I think this is really cute. It comes with a short chain strap as well, but I think I will mainly use this as a clutch. 

The final bag I got was from a random store in Harajuku. I kind of wish I got in black as well as it was under $30, so cheap! the sides fold in to make it look quite structured, although it is a flimsy bag. Bargin price though and does the job at carrying my crap.

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