Sunday, 19 January 2014

Japan Haul: Clothing

I kind of went clothes crazy in japan. As well as all this I bought tights and socks, which I may end up doing a post on but I thought it was a bit boring. I wont go into too much detail as the picture says it all, Japanese fashion is adorable!

I also realized I forgot to take photos of a few things (for example my comic book leggings), but just imagine this is all I bought and I am not a clothing addict!

Cat jumper I got in Harajuku, it has bat wings and a crazy scalloped edge. Amazing. 

Wildfox jumper I got for...wait for it... $40AUD!!!! They are normally $200 so I loved picking this up at a second hand store. 

This jumper is from Monki, a shop which I kind of went crazy in, as you will see shortly. 


A vintage jumper I scored for $15.

A dress/jumper from H&M.

A shirt from Monki, which is transparent with a peplum.

A shirt from a random store in Harajuku, with collar detailing. 

The cutest collared shirt in the entire world. 

A $13 shirt from H&M. 

Another dress/jumper from H&M

This photo got TOTALLY washed out, it is burnt orange with blue and white striped lining.

Forever 21 pug jumper.

A catface dress from harajuku.

A cute shift dress I got in Kyoto. 

The bow jumper I got, and wore to Disneyland and felt cuter than minnie mouse.

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