Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Too Faced Palette Showdown

The packaging: 

Okay so as we can all see they both come in a tin. However, the Natural Eyes is slightly larger, but not enough to really make a difference. Inside however they differ a lot. For one the Natural eyes has a stupid glossy font for the names of each shadow, making it difficult to read, which is just plain stupid. 

When we take out the glamour guide, the Natural eyes palette also reveals a mirror, which is a new addition. However, do to their stupid branding font, the mirror is waaaaayyyy too small, like you can see one eyelid at a time small. Not winning anyone over with this mirror. They seriously should have had the mirrors stretch as far to the edges as possible, with the font laid over top. 

All the benefits of the Boudoir eyes are there though: study packaging, easy travel size, magnetic closure, so I can't complain too much. 

The Shadows: 

So the main difference here, is that Natural eyes has one extra matte. Meaning 4 matte shades, 3 frosts, and 2 shimmers, totaling 9 shades. I do like this, but there light and mid tone browns really could have been a few more shades apart. It pretty much goes highlight matte (heaven), light matte brown (nude), slightly less light matte brown of the same shade range (cashmere bunny) and dark matte brown (sexspresso). 

They could have gone for a slightly redder/pinker shade for the mid tone, or at least darkened it up a bit more.Other than that though I love all the shades. It suits my pale skin very nicely, and as always the Too Faced shades glide on the skin. 

Glamour Guide: 

No big changes here, bar the graphic's eye colour. I never use this guide, which is manly because I am not good enough to recreate them. I am more of the 'slap it on and hope for the best' kind of make up addict. 

That is all for today lovelies!


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