Saturday, 17 May 2014

Brand Blurb: Kate Somerville

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

Somerville360 Self Tan Towelettes: $55.00
I had never been good at fake tanning, until these beauties came into my life. They are the easiest way to tan, and nothing bad can happen. If you get a 'streak' it somehow has magically blurred edges so no one can really tell. MAGIC. One towelette gives natural glow, and 2-3 gives you full on spray tan results. Try these asap kids!

Worst Products: 

ExfoliKate: $98.00
I love how this leaves my skin feeling, literally baby soft, but while using I though my entire face was going to melt off. I was in unbearable pain, skin burning so bad I though I would be left with just muscle bad. BAD FEELINGS. But I am hopeful that this is not what happens to all people, and maybe I just need to try the gentle/sensitive skin formula. All I can say is please try before you buy, because I felt like this was seriously damaging my skin, which is not worth 98 a pop. 

In-between Products:

CytoCel Dark Circle Corrector Eye Cream: $86.00

Mehhhhhh. I like thick, smelly eye creams, and this guy just did not cut it. I go more on how an eye cream make me feel, rather than visible effects, mainly because I never actually see anything ha. 


I am hoping to grab some more products while I am in the states, so expect an update here soon!

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