Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Favourites: April

This month I found it really hard to pick any favourites, I had to really think just to come up with a few ideas. That is mainly due to the fact I have been either sick, working, studying or dancing. Nothing exciting, and barely any time for hobbies.  

But let the favourites begin!

Candles: This month has been a bit candle crazy. I think as soon as the weather cools down it is easier to use up your stash. I can wait to burn through some of my summer scents (mango, trpoical etc) so I can buy creamy vanillas and rich chais!

Frankie Magazine: I love blogs, but sometimes I really do miss the feeling of a brand new magazine. Frankie Mag will always hold my heart, and although it has changed a lot since its first issues, I have never been disappointed. It ships to many countries, so where ever you are give it a go :)

Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion: This is half toner, half miscellar water, and I love it. I use it as both, after cleanser for ph-balancing goodness, and on lazy days when I just want my face clean in a flash. This bottle has been around for a while (at least a month surely?) and is only about 1/4 of the way done.

Facial Spray: This is both a setting spray, and a quick burst of moisture. Mario really likes a duel purpose product - and so do I! I use this as my day moisturizer when I am in a real hurry, and cant wait for anything to dry before I slap on some primer. It also works to lock in foundation and setting powder, with a dewy finish. I will certainly be purchasing some more from Mario in the future. 

Ishka Massage Oil: This was a gift for my birthday back in February, and although I don't use it often, it is loved. We all use oils on a face, hair and sometimes in the shower, but sometimes we forget the value of a nice, scented, relaxing massage oil. I used to love the massage bars from lush, but they really don't last long, as you never use a whole bar before they dry out and become unusable. This bottle is perfect for a once-in-a-while pampering, and really puts you in the mood for a good nights sleep. 

Betadine: As I keep going on about, this month I was sick, and more than just once. Betadine, along with many other medicines came to the rescue.  Betadine is an antiseptic liquid, much like detol and all the others, but it is very concentrated, and very effective. The tiny bottle is perfect for travel, and taking with you, the the nozzle top prevents spillages. It may not be something I hope to use often, but when I do the job gets done. 

Michaels Kors Two Tone Chronograph: This was a 21st present, which I love, but up until this month had been sitting at home more than on my wrist. I am back in the audacious watch phase of my life and love it, sparkling in the non-existent sunshine and all. 

Magic the Gathering Drafts: The only time I have enjoyed something socially, sick or not, has been a draft. I mentioned these in a previous post, and got a bit more competitive since my last encounter. I will also mention the Hearthstone App (not sure if it is available for anything other than ios), as it is a really fun and simple way to get into this time of card game. 

Napolean Perdis Fluffy Eye Brush: I think I mentioned this previously, but besides my fingers this is really the only brush I have used. I think any fluffy brush would be a favourite for me, as they are quick to add colour, and can blend even the worst mistakes away. 

That is all for this month, bye!


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