Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tag Time: Shopper

1. What is your favorite store

Probably Mod Cloth, or Asos. I don't love an Australian stores, but if did, it would be Typo I guess. 

2. What is your favorite trend

Pattern clashing! I have been that way since I was a child and love it. 

3. What is one clothing item you need/want right now

Denim shorts for when I travel in the USA summer. 

4. If you could steal anyone's style, who would it be

Probably Evelina, from evelinasfashioncafe. Then again, I am not quite that girly, so I think I am combo of her, and a young boy. 

5. Do you shop online and if so are there any stores you recommend

Asos, Modcloth, NastyGal, Urban Outfitters... so many choices. Online is way better than real life, except for the whole returns thing. 

6. Who is your fashion icon

Again, I don't really know. I used to love Chanel as a kid (yes I was weird), but maybe now it is bloggers. I tend to like outfits that people with the same body shape have on. 

7. Where do you bargain shop

Dotti, getting 50% off as a staff discount is pretty good :)

8. Describe your style

I love cute meets practical meets edgey. Figure that one out. 

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