Thursday, 19 December 2013

Throwback Thursday: Toybox 21st

Hello  blog people!

Here are some snapshots of my 21st birthday, way back in February. 

It was Toybox themed, which was super fun, and I came as a windup doll. I ended up hating my hair and makeup, my best advice is do it yourself! I never feel confident when I feel I look like a completely different person, which is exactly what happened. But it isnt all about looks and the rest of the party turned out pretty good. I paid for 90% of the party myself, so it had to be done on the cheap. Most of the decorations were crafted by me and my mum in the months leading up to the event. I haven't included any photos of my friends, mainly because I was too lazy to ask their permission, so here is some snaps of the decor and food.

Enjoy blog lovelies!

If you have any questions just leave them below!

All photos by Allure Photography.

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