Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bourjois Colour Boost

Hello all!

I picked up three shades (peach on the beach was sold out), of the newish colour boost lip sticks. These are apart of the lip crayon band wagon that has been going on, since the Clinique chubby sticks came out. 

These are typical in format, a big crayon tip, with a twist up action. They smell sweet, without being sickly, and have a very glossy finish. With an SPF of 15 they are great for our up coming summer, and are very easily to apply and wear. Mine last quite a while (maybe 3 hours or so), but the gloss does quickly fade with eating and drinking. It does slightly stain the lips, but not in a crusty unattractive way. 

These retail for $15AUD at Priceline (I picked mine up in the 40% off sale), but if you want to grab a few cheap has them for $11.07AUD. 

Below I have swatches of colours 02 Fuchsia Libre, 03 Ornage Punch, and 01 Red Sunrise. Yes, it does annoy me that I didn't put them in numerical order but too late now. 

I really love these so PLEASE try them out, they are perfect for beginners and make up connoisseurs alike, and don't need the fuss of a lip liner to look good. My dry chapped lips love them, so I am sure yours will too!

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