Saturday, 7 December 2013

Brand Blurb #8: Sportsgirl

Sportsgirl make up is not really spoken about much in the blog world, but is can have some amazing stuff. I think everyone as my work owns at least one Sportsgirl lipstick, and I have tried and tested enough products to give them a review, however there a HEAP of products I still need to get. For those international people out there I think it best to describe them as the Top Shop of Australia, cheap enough but still very fashionable. 

"Making the world a prettier place, one face at a time."

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

Pout About It Lipstick: $9.95
These are great inexpensive lipsticks. They aren't super long lasting or hydrating, but your main is to just have freshly coloured lips these do the job fine. I think you will always find at least one (more like 10) of these in every Australian girls beauty collection. 

Eye Shadow Palettes: $9.95
Again for an afforadble and travel friendly purchase these are great. The pigmentation of their shadows has improved a lot over the years and are great for day to day wear. 

Glitter Eyeliner: n/a
I used to wear these solo with no eyeshadow for years back in high school. I don't think I have rocked the glitter liner in a while but when I do these babies are great. They aren't too sticky and do provide a lot of glitter. I love the gold one. I don't think these are stocked all year round so I couldn't find a price for you guys, but if you ever spot one pick them up ASAP! 

Worst Products: 

Pucker Up Lip Pencil: $8.95
These is the only bad product I have purchased from SG, and it was very very bad. I had ridiculously dy lips, beyond any normal amount if dryness, and therefore this review is catered towards that. This product how's in smooth, but it clings to any dryness you have like crazy. The fluro peachy-pink shade I got only heightened my dryness, and within 10 seconds all the cracks on my lips were filled with colour, leaving the rest a patchy mess. I had to remove it instantly, it was that bad. If you had NO dryness give these guys ago, but I think you can find much better, similar products out there. 

In-between Products:

Tanning Mit: $9.95
This mitt is okay, but it did tear after about 3 uses. You may say that is horrible, but I was us using it with both tan and moisturiser. I feel the tearing was half due to my own carelessness so I can't really diss it. 


As I said earlier there are a lot of products I still need to get my hands on. A lot of people have said great things about their fake tan, and they are well known for all their amazing nail art kits and accessories.

That is all lovely people! Talk soon :)

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