Thursday, 26 December 2013

Ten Dollar Challenge #4: Powder Brushes

Here we are again!

For this comparison I will review 3 powder brushes all of which I found for under $10AUD. Now these are obviously going to be completely different in quality to these you would pay $30+, but if you just want something that can put powder on your face and not make you look like you have sprouted a million black hair, $10 is fairly reasonable.

Models Prefer Large Powder brush,  $9. 49 AUD.
Softness to touch: This is quite soft, maybe a 8 out of 10. 
Application of Powder: This brush was big enough to give a quick even covering of the face. 
Shedding: This left 4 or so hairs on first use. 
Shedding after wash: No shedding after the first wash, which is usual. 
Appearance after wash: Stayed the same. Took quite some time to dry though. 
Overall: Really great brush, go get it!

Coles Retractable Powder Brush, $5.52 AUD.
Softness to touch: This is fairly soft, maybe a 5 out of 10. 
Application of Powder: Works fine, but the brush head is a little small of application can take longer. 
Shedding: This did not shed for me. 
Shedding after wash: Not shedding after washing either. Good job coles!
Appearance after wash: This was a little hard to wash because of the handle, but it came out looking pretty much the same. 
Overall: Okay, but the size put me off. I like a brush that I can put powder on my face in 1 second!

Target B Me Brush, $4.99 AUD.
Softness to touch: This is a prickly bush! It literally hurts to apply power with this thing
Application of Powder: Not great. Because of the spikey brush head it wasn't a smooth even texture. 
Shedding: This Brush shed about 3 hairs on first use. 
Shedding after wash: Not shedding after the first wash. 
Appearance after wash: Retains its shape. 

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