Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Products I've Used Up: August

I have used up a few products this month, of course a ton finished up right after I took these photos but oh well it just means Septembers' post will be huge! 

Firstly we have this Sheet mask I got from The Face Shop. I picked up a lot (maybe I will do a haul/review shortly) and this one was the first I tried out. The novelty of the sheet mask is probably its best feature, because I don't much else is going on. It does 'brighten' as is is supposed too, however I think it is more just putting a cosmetic layer or shimmer on the face rather than actually brightening the skin. The size of the mask was too big for me, and I have now discovered that is the standard size, so the mask will always fall off my chin and overlap on the sides of my face into my hairline. Not a bag product for the price though (I think it was less than $4), and convenient if you cant be bothered dealing with squeezing out and applying a mud/liquid form mask.
Overall I would rate this a 6/10

I am most definitely a Lushie! I got a massive amount of products around Christmas time, so much so that I have only just started using them up. This first products from Lush is Turkish Delight, a thick 'smoothie' that you apply in the shower. I loved this product as I don't always have time to apply moisturizer (I am almost always running late in the mornings) so this is good for when you want a moisturizer and body wash in one. I really does leave the skin feeling clean and soft and have a beautiful smell. The only thing I don't like is Lush packaging, mainly because this is a thick product you have use the screw top lid to get to it. I don't know if I am the only one but I HATE screw tops in the shower, as half the product ends up down the drain if I am not careful. 
Overall I would rate this 9/10

Oh my god. Dream Cream is Ah-maze-ing! I have since bought the full size of this as it lives up to its award winning name! Soaks in super fast and leaves skin feeling soft and not sticky at all. To me its smells like sunscreen, which I enjoy a lot!
Overall I would rate this 10/10

This is one of the many free face masks I have received for returning my empty pots back to Lush. Love lettuce was okay, but I do prefer other masks. I cant say it did much for my skin, and I did not see the 'radiant glow' its claims. It applys well and smells pleasant so I guess it can a few points for that. I didn't break me out, but it did not do anything worthwhile either. 
Overall I would rate this 4/10

The Body Conditioner is another product that is a time saver as it is a moisturizer and body wash in one. This one does not feel as cleansing as Turkish Delight, but it makes the skin SUPER soft. I love the smell of roses and it is very simple to use. I just popped it on my legs while I washed and conditioned my hair and then rinsed it off before stepping out of the shower. 
Overall I would rate this a 8/10

Cosmetic warrior is a great face mask for zapping pimples, however I dislike how chunky it is. The garlic bits always get stuck in my hairline, and overall the mask drys so hard it takes a good 5 minutes to remove. The effectiveness of it is worth it though, I do feel my skin is clearer and pimples are reduced. If anyone knows of a mask that works just as well, without all the chunk induced fuss please inform me!
Overall I would rate this a 6/10

The last product this month the She Butter Body Wash. I have a hit and miss relationship with The Body Shop but this product was a definite hit! I loved using it for when I shaved under my arms as it was very luxurious and left the skin soft and very clean. The smell was nice, the texture was nice and it did a great job. If I didn't have enough body wash to sink a battle ship right now i would head straight out to repurchase the full size. If you are looking for a great all round body wash I highly recommend this!
Overall I would rate this 10/10

I hope this post was okay. I have zero time at the moment so I have gone for content of quality of images/editing. Hopefully I will have time to post regularly and get the images the way I want, but for now I'm having fun just writing.

Have a great week lovelies! 

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