Tuesday, 17 September 2013

50 Random Facts Tag:

Here are my 50 Random Facts:

1. I have an Applied Science Degree (in Psychology)
2. I have no blood-related cousins on my Mother's side
3. I have lived in the same house my entire life
4. My primary school and high school shared on oval
5. I had a pet rabbit when I was 4, who died when I was about 5
6. I also had a pet hermit crab, who was eaten by my brother hermit crab
7. I teach tap dance
8. I have danced for 10 years
9. I have 5 Aunts on my Fathers side
10. I was put in excelled math group in primary school, which I hated

11. I first dyed my hair when I was 14
12. I bite my nails
13. I wore make-up for the first time when I was 10
14. I always painted my ring finger a different colour as a kid because it is my 'nicest/longest' nail
15. I have a pair of hightop converse that I have owned for 9 years
16. I used used to be forced to wear my brothers hand-me-downs
17. My mum nicknamed me "Manda Panda"
18. I have also been nicknamed Mandy-moo and Slypig
19. I hate it when people call me Mandy
20. I was really short as a kid

21. I went through a wombat obsessed phase
22. I was chased by a wild wombat, the phase then stopped
23. I had a massive hello kitty collection, which is now much smaller but still in existence
24. I love the colour yellow
25. I prefer savory food to sweet food
26. My favourite cake as a kid was English tea cake
27. I rarely drink fizzy drink
28. I am always dehydrated
29. I have one big toe that bends slightly to the right
30. I always wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid

31. I have had 7 different jobs to date
32. I won an award for textiles in my final year of high school
33. I am horrible at drawing
34. I hate bananas but force myself to eat them occasionally
35. I love pink lady apples
36. I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol
37. I think I look more like my dad than my mum
35. I met my bf when I was 18 
36. I am a naturally messy person
37. I rarely wash my hair more than twice a week
38. I have anxiety which can make me not see my friends for weeks
39. I have trouble saying 'I love you' to people (it can take years)
40. My bestfriend is the first person I remember saying "I love you" to me :)

41. I had really bad acne in high school
42. I only fake tan about 3 times a year
43. I love disney and its all I watched as a kid
44. I was always the boy when playing pretend with my friends
45. I have really bad stage fright, which has mildly improved with dancing
46. I get easily scared
47. I cry a lot
48. I am easily excited
49. If it were possible I would live off cheese and salami
50. My dream is to live in the country with a kitten and puppy

This was actually I lot harder than I thought it would be. I hope you enjoy these 50 facts, bye lovelies!


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