Thursday, 12 September 2013

My First Time Tag

1. My First Word: 
No. I was a pretty cool baby, rebellious and all that. 

2. My First Teddy: 
It was a massive Teddy Called Pinky. It was pink. Child Genius. 

3. My First Friend: 
I think it was probably Fiona, as our mums and brother were already besties it was fate that we would be too. 

4. My First Memory: 
I think it is of me falling out of the tree in my front yard. Traumatic clearly, although I didn't injure myself AT ALL. No broken bones, no fractures, just a one single bruise. 

5. My First School Crush: 
I won't name him but I think it was the new boy when I was about 8 or something. He was blonde and caught a bug once and once he showed me I was smitten. 

6. My First Kiss:
I seriously have no idea. I THINK maybe just maybe it was with my first bf but I cant remember. 

7. My First Celebrity Crush: 
I think it was the boy who played Peter Pan when I was in year 7. He was on one of my school folders as well. Charming. 

8. My First Boyfriend:
I wont name him but I was about 15 I think and my friends decided I had been single for too long and I had to be in a relationship  Our "love" blossomed on msn over the school holidays but in reality we were terrible. Every time he hung out with me and my friends at school I would tell him to sod off as he was annoying me. Or I would just leave and sit with my other guy friends. He bought me a necklace once and I cried because I realized how much I disliked him, but my good old chummys kept saying "You'll like him soon you're just not used to it"

No.  Don't give in to peer pressure kids being single is fine! Plus now I have an amazing boyfriend so everything is great <3

9. My First Job: 
If you don't count babysitting or one off jobs it was student teaching at my dance school. 

10. My First Concert:
It was Greenday with my best friend Jacinta. My Mum took us and read a book while the loud music played, hilarious. 

11. My First Car:
I still have it, a blue 2-door Hyundai. A tiny car that I bought off my Mum on the cheap.

12. My First Blog Post:
I have had 2 blogs before this. Both of which have failed miserly because of time management  But I am determined with this one! But anyway I think it was probably about me in someway. 

Anyway that is the "My First Time Tag". Hope your guys enjoyed :)

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