Friday, 27 September 2013

Fashion Haul

 Here are the most recent things I have bought over the last 3 weeks or so, enjoy lovelies! 

Alannah Hill She's A Stone Fox Heel 

ARGHHHH. These shoes. Just. Wow. They have since come down even further in price so everyone in the world should go and buy them. I paid $150 for them which is crazy expensive I know. They were were just too beautiful to pass up. They look amazing on and are only painful after about 5 hours or so. This is my soul mate in shoe form. I can not rave enough about how nice they look on the foot. GO AND GET THEM NOW PLEASE.

Lipstick Blondie

I already own these in black and as this was the only pair left in the store I decided I had to have white as well. I know they will probably be a pain to clean but they are so comfortable to wear and add just enough hieght. Every man and his dog is doing some form of these shoes so no doubt a million of you either own these or the more expensive Windsor Smith version. 

Dotti Asymmetrical Skirt

As I have now worn this skirt a few times it is cool but not quite what i was after. It looks amazing on if you have a tan, but I am not sure my pastey physique looks quite as good in it. Paired with a black crop and the white Lipsticks shoes I just showed you cant really go wrong. 

Dotti Crop Top

I am yet to wear this but I'm thinking with a black tight skirt and a red belt/necklace will look super cute for summer. 

Bardot Katie Lave Jumpsuit 

This is COMPLETELY outside my comfort zone. Bright. Strapless. Skin-tight. All the things I do not normally go for. I don't know why but I was in a mood to be spontaneous and try something new. Andrew (my bf) said it looked good so I am keeping it. I am not quite that 'showey offey' though so I think I will pair it with a black blazer and navy accessories to tone it done and cover some skin. 

Bardot Bowie Playsuit

Spots and stripes are a love of mine and this playsuit shows that very nicely. I have shown that cut out back of the playsuit, which is the main feature. I think I will style is with my red wedges, a red belt, and a bright yellow handbag.

So yes I have done a bit of shopping recently, how naughty of me! I am meant to be saving for my holiday away so fingers crossed there are not too many more of these before the end of the year.

Talk soon, pretty people of the blog world!

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