Saturday, 15 November 2014

EMPTIES WEEK: Skincare #2

Sukin Cream Cleanser

Sukin is a brand I really want to get into more, as this products smelt heavenly. It seriously smelt just like a lemon meringue pie. Yum. However as good as it smelt, and as soft and clean that it left my skin, cream cleanser don'd work well with the Clarisonic. Due to that fact I used it up, but wont be repurchasing it until I stop using my clarisonic, or have to space to have multiple cleansers on the go at once.

Puretopia Face Scrub
Again this is a brand that I can't wait to try more of, as it really did impress me. For a daily gentle scrub it worked well, and would be perfect for those with sensitive skin. However after using this up and went back to my Sancturary Spa scrub, and I have to say I am glad to have it in my life. The Puretopia equivalent just wasn't 'scrubby' enough for my rough skin.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser
Although this was a good cleanser, which worked well with my Clarisonic, I really couldn't wait to finish it. I have refused to repurchase my favourite Origins cleansers until all others are used up, and it is taking a darn long time. I actually started using it as a busy wash because I wanted to use it up so much - it seemed to last for ever! It really is quite nice though, with a pleasent apple smell, minimal eye irritation and a feeling of clean, soft and tightness-free skin.

Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion
Oh boy do I miss this. Another producst I can't wait to have back in my life, but I am on a 'use up' phase and have 2 toners to get through first. I honestly feel like I will give up and just buy it, as I think this is the one thing that had the greatest effect on my skin's behavior (in the most positive way).

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