Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Pentene 3 Minute Miracle
Considering this is my 4th or so one of these I guess I like them. I can't tell if its how effective they are, or the fact they cost around $2.50, but either way they are a great solution for a quick hair fix.

Sukin Purifying Shampoo
This unfortunately did not work for me. I was trying to use more gentle and less chemically based producst on my hair, but this shampoo was a failure. It did not lather, did not rinse out well, and generally left my hair feeling a bit unclean. Considering I barely wash my hair I need something that will do the job properly.

Nume Argan Oil
This worked as well as any other oil. To be fair I use oils almost every time I blow dry my hair, and can never really tell if anything is actually happening. It smells nice though so that is why I used it all up quite quickly.

Lush Dream Cream
This is another staple product. I can't quite remember but I would say this is my 3rd or so tub. It really is a dream for sensitive skin, and soaks in nice and quick. If you are yet to try this and you suffer any sort of sensitivity (eczema, shavers rash, sunburn etc) try it asap!

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