Saturday, 21 June 2014

Brand Blurb: NARS



Best Products: 

Nars Blush: $39
If I had written this post 6 months ago I would have told you that I hated NARS blushes and that they broke my skin out horrifically. Six months later however I really do love them. Pigmented? Check! Cute packaging? Check! Massive colour assortment? CHECK!!!! My favourites are probably Deep Throat and Exhibit A. 

Worst Products: 

Stain Lip Pencil: $39

 I feel bad saying this is a worst product as it is more just a horrifically bad for Amanda product. My dry lips just can't handle this formula.

In-between Products:

Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner : $32

I know plenty of people that say this lasts all day in their waterline, but that was just not the case for me. It lasts about 2 hours before it has fully transferred to my lower lash line. 


Overall I love NARS, but I think most of that love is built on hype. I defiantly have a lot more high-end brands that I prefer, such as Stila, Too Faced and Urban Decay.

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