Saturday, 28 June 2014

Brand Blurb: M.A.C

Lets move on to the products!


Best Products: 

Lipstick: $36
M.A.C lipsticks are pretty great. They have a massive colour range and the original formula stays on the lips for quite some time.  

Worst Products: 

Sample Pro Longwear Foundation:

It was probably because I bought some lippies in Japan, but these samples are so yellow on my, there are totally unusable. Get colour matched properly people!

In-between Products:

Minrealize Rich Lipstick: $46

I love these lipsticks, as I can get really dry painful lips. However even though this will glide on smooth over and lumps and bumps you have, the colours can look a little funny. I have a peachy pink, and when my lips are cracked it can settle in and show the lines. But I really do have BAD cracked lips, so if you are a normal lipped person I would recommend these over the other formulas - plus no hilarious shaped tube to worry about!


Everyone raves about M.A.C, and I do love them. Maybe give a few other brands a go before investing in every launch though. 

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