Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Kayla 12 Week Workouts

I have decided to post about my beginning with Kayla's work out, which was a fail. I hate to admit it but I really have not done well, and I am hoping that posting weekly updates on here may motivate me. I get so frustrated sometimes that people say "you just need to prioritize excessive" making it sound all easy. That is all well and good if you mooch of your parents, work one day a week, and barely attend uni, but those of us who literally cry at 11.30pm at night because that is the only time they have had in 6 days to wash their hair, it can be really hard.

In saying that I often get told by my 'better half' that maybe if I really did get out of bed when my first alarm went off, and maybe if I didn't watch so many back-to-back youtube clips, and even maybe if I had the guts to say no to a shift at work every now and then, I would have time free. 


I managed to get through week one, a bit of week two, then got the flu and sat around for a week and half, and now I feel so far behind that I may as well give up. Mind you I do dance, so I like to use that as an excuse for regular exercise. But considering I mainly teach these days, which involves a lot of yelling and pointing, I don't think I am really achieving much.

Sorry this is such a wordy post, but it has been very therapeutic. I know it is okay to fail, as long as you try your hardest, but I am hoping my hardest will be a little more successful this time around.

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