Monday, 1 September 2014

August Empties

Origins Make A Difference A few years ago my skin was going through a crazy dry phase, that lasted about 3 or more months, and only gave way when I started using this night cream. I loved it, and i really do think it was the single most helpful skincare item that saved my skin. Nowadays my skin is a lot less dry, so luckily for me I won't need to repurchase it anytime soon.

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser I am really going to miss this guy, however my current cleanser stash is so big I can't permit myself to buy a new one. As soon as I have gone through the 4+ bottles I have stored away (of crappy stuff mind you), or as soon as my will power gives up, this will be first on the repurchase list. It works terrifically alone, or with a Clarisonic, and leaves the skin clean and fresh without feeling tight.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 30+ This was an okay sunscreen, but nothing to rave about. It didn't break me out, but I am not really sensitive to sunscreen anyway. I doubt it is worth the price tag of $45, but if you like something glowy and moisturizing it really does the job well.

Savvy Concealer Stick This container broke so long ago and for some reason I refused to admit defeat and throw it out. It has been so long I could not even tell you if I liked the concealer, but I assume I did as I remember vague disappointment when the lid broke.

Stila Concealer I am still not sure if I like pot concealers. Unless you have the right brush they really can look cakey, which happened to me a few times. I loved the colour though, as the salmon colour really did a better job at my under-eyes than my currents do. I may invest in this again, as for the price it was really worth it.

Schwarzkof Essence Ultime Hair Mask This smelt so totally and beautifully good. Thinking about it makes my nostrils flare with excitement. The actual product however was okay, but really all cheap hair masks work relatively the same on me so I tend to just grab what ever is on offer.

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